Start. Clapham.

Route. Clapham - Thwaite Lane (Track) - Long Lane (Track) - Long Scar - Thwaite - Norber - Thwaite Lane - Clapham.

Notes. I took the morning off work today, Sue's got me hanging doors, when I looked out of the window the sun was just rising over The Helm, doors can wait for a rainy day, there'll be hell to pay. I snook off to Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales, a short walk over Thwaite was just what I needed, I booked a table at Trungs Restaurant when I got home, that should soften the blow somewhat.

I left Clapham on the track to Austwick passing through two rather dark tunnels cut under the grounds of Ingleborough Hall Estate, originally built for the estate workers and not so posh guests to access the house unseen, they now make a wonderful gateway onto the high ground above Clapham. I emerged into snow and ice. At the top of the hill I swung left into Long Lane, striding out between dry stone walls the next time I stopped was at the cairn marking the summit of Long Scar. After soaking up the views for a while I turned south to head across Thwaite, my route linked some of the many cairns as I picked my way over snow covered limestone pavements, before descending on a lovely narrow path to reach the Norber Boulder Fields.

Silurian Gritstone Boulders litter the fields below Norber, laid down by the retreating Crummack Dale glacier at the end of the last Ice Age, 12,000 years of erosion have left them resting on limestone plinths, marking the original ground level, I can quite clearly remember the first time I saw them, one misty Sunday morning many moons ago, a quite eerie sight looming out of the morning mist as I walked amongst them. My descent passed over Nappa Scar followed by a long traverse under the spectacular cliffs of Robin Proctor's Scar before accessing Thwaite Lane, all that remained, to re-trace my steps back to Clapham.

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Wandering along the banks of Clapham Beck.

Thwaite Lane looking east along my return route.

The impressive limestone cliffs of Robin Proctor's Scar.

A wonderful view to the hills of Bowland seen from the ascent of Long Lane.

Across Clapdale, Clapdale Farm clings to the slopes of Clapham Scar.

The deep chasm of Trow Gill seen from Long Lane, carved out by glacial melt water over 12,000 years ago, now makes a great doorway for walkers heading for Ingleborough.

Just a stunning winters view, Pen-y-ghent across Moughton Scars.

Seen across Crummack Dale the shadowed north face of Fountains Fell.

Gracing the northern skyline Ingleborough.

Snow on limestone.

A wonderful view to the limestone escarpment of Moughton, with the long ridge of Fountains Fell stretched out across the skyline.

Who needs summer when winter brings conditions like this, easy walking through powdery snow with stunning views for company.

One of many cairns found on Thwaite, the view obviously Ingleborough, to the left Little Ingleborough and the right Simon Fell.

From the rocky summit of Thwaite endless views across the vast expanse of the Ribble Valley.

Looking to Smearsett and Pot Scars from the limestone pavements on Thwaite.

Another stunning view to the Fountains Fell skyline, with the scars of Studrigg and White Stone looking quite imposing dropping into Crummack Dale.

Another cairn, another breath-taking view, the hills of Bowland stretched out before me, unfortunately the cairn marks the start of my descent....

....on a superb path winding it's way under and around the scars, as I round the corner a distant Pen-y-ghent comes into view.

Striking views into Crummack Dale with the Norber Boulder Fields over the wall on my right, I'm heading to a stile in the wall corner straight ahead.

One of many Silurian Gritstone boulders scattered around the fields above Crummack Dale, this fine example sits a good twenty inches above the original ground level, the limestone beneath protected against the effects of 12,000 years of wind and rain.

Above Nappa Scar looking to Smearsett Scar.

A typical Dales scene, a patchwork of fields and stone barns, not to forget the views.

The prospect west viewed from under the cliffs of Robin Proctor's Scar.

Views across Clapdale, the high ground being the Ingleborough massif, the lane, Long Lane my route in earlier today.

The striking cliffs of Robin Proctor's Scar, did I mention they're named after the man himself, who rode his horse over the edge, this seems to be a re-accruing theme in the north of England, perhaps it would make a good project for a number of walks, if you're not scared of ghosts, they always haunt the scene.

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