The Lancaster Canal, Levens Park and the River Kent.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Natland - Cracalt Farm - Lancaster Canal - Larkrigg Spring Wood - Sedgwick - Levens Park - Park Head - Wilson Place - Lancaster Canal - Cracalt Farm - Natland - Helm Lane - Oxenholme.

Notes. After missing out on the winter weather last weekend I made time today for a short walk through the white stuff. With no time to get into the hills I decided on a short walk from home, an eight mile wander through a snowy Kent Valley. With a promise of snow flurries for late afternoon I set out under blue skies, to be quickly overtaken by more than just the odd flurry.

My route from Oxenholme followed field paths, tarmac lanes and the odd bridleway to gain the northern reaches of the Lancaster Canal. Following the canal south I soon passed Sedgwick before descending to the north entrance of Levens Park, the path follows the famed avenue of oaks, almost a mile in length once the main approach to the hall and gardens. I wandered along this avenue of majestic old trees to reach Levens Bridge which I crossed to start my return route. Through park land and fields on well walked paths I strolled before reaching the small hamlet of Park Head, with snow and ice over tarmac I tentatively walked along Force Lane then Nannypie Lane to gain access to the footbridge at Wilson Place, I crossed to reach a bridleway leading northeast back to Natland, avoiding the village centre I wandered through a number of fields before entering Helm Lane. A short walk up hill saw me striding out along the main road on the short walk back to Oxenholme.

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The West Coast Main Line at Oxenholme.

In the fields above Natland looking over the Kent Valley.

The Helm.

Approaching Larkrigg Hall Bridge looking to Larkrigg Spring Wood.

Seen from Horse Park Bridge, through the first snow flurry of the day Larkrigg Spring Wood.

Sedgwick under winter skies.

Viewing Sedgwick from the aqueduct that dominates the village.

A different view to the limestone cliffs of Whitbarrow seen from near Wellheads Bridge, it usually dominates the scene on our ramblings along the edge of upper Morecambe Bay between Sandside and Arnside.

Wellheads Bridge looking south along the route ahead.

Seen from the slopes of Wellheads Hill, Whitbarrow with the Newton Fell across the skyline to the left.

Another view along the line of the canal, it's been tastefully filled in here, little above ground remains, but just under my feet the cut stones and tow paths are waiting to be rediscovered, if the Lancaster Canal Trust and the Lancaster Canal Restoration Partnership have anything to do with it canal boats will once again ply their trade through these quiet meadows.

In Levens Park looking along the famed avenue of oaks.

A closer view, I was surprised how many leaves were still on the trees.

Views over a cool looking River Kent with Whitbarrow dominating the skyline.

The River Kent seen from Force Lane.

The river above Force Bridge.

Under snow Nannypie Lane.

As I crossed the bridge to Wilson Place I walked into another world, it was like the arctic on this bank.

A winter wonderland in the fields to the north of Wilson Place, the storm's passed and I can at last see where I am walking....

....not for long, near Lankrigg Hall with my back to the oncoming snow storm.

Not so good views across the Kent Valley, at this point I decided to put the camera away, turn to face the onslaught and battle my way home.

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