The Silverdale Coast and Warton Crag.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale (Shore Road) - The Beach - Know End Point- Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Crag Foot - Occupation Road (Track) - Warton Crag - Occupation Road (Track) - Three Brothers - Peter Lane - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Leighton Moss - Storrs Lane - Red Bridge Lane - Silverdale Golf Course - The Row - Burton Well Wood - Bottoms Lane - Silverdale Green - Silverdale.

Notes. Silverdale and Arnside, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a biodiverse landscape formed over 300 million years ago, scoured by ice, sculptured by water, scarred by the hand of man, a landscape alive with rare plants and insects thriving along side early industry, beautiful woodland alive with bird life, planted to power furnaces and kilns, the industrial power houses of their day, now left for today's leisurely ramblers to explore. Today we are leisurely ramblers, me and Sue in no hurry to go anywhere, a circular walk along the coast and over Warton Crag fits the bill perfect, the sun was shining, spring is on us and I'm carrying a bag full of sandwiches and flask of coffee, we may not get very far.

We parked on Shore Road near the Silverdale Hotel, after making our way to the coast we turned south. By cliff path then beach we wandered, passing Jack Scout and Jenny Brown's Point before following the embankment to Crag Foot, a short ascent over the tarmac of Crag Road followed to access the Occupation Road (Track), we turned up the said road. Ascending between dry stone walls we soon reached a gate that allowed access to Warton Crag Nature Reserve, climbing between limestone scars through a beautiful tract of woodland we soon found ourselves scrambling up the final limestone ledge to gain access to the summit.

We left the summit heading northeast, the woods on this side of the crag are a lot denser, stick to the path. On good paths we strolled on to reach the Occupation Road once more, our route left the lane almost immediately, to follow field paths between more limestone scars passing the Three Brothers before stepping into Peter Lane. A short walk over tarmac passing the entrance to Leighton Hall saw us reach a finger-post with an invitation to Summer House Hill View Point, the views up here are quite stunning, benches are provided, sit a while, soak up the views over Leighton Hall before moving on. On was down the hill passing to the right of the hall, following the lane to Grisedale Farm before descending to Leighton Moss.

We wandered between the high reed beds with limited views , passed the public hide before stepping onto Storrs Lane, left down the lane to access Red Bridge Road opposite Silverdale Golf Club, a short walk north saw us pass the railway station to reach a public foot-path crossing the golf course, a sign clearly read no loitering, we loitered as you do before reaching The Row. From The Row another fingerpost promised a visit to Burton Well and the village, presumably Silverdale village, we followed this path through Burton Well Wood before descending to Lambert's Meadow. More woodland walking followed to access Bottoms Lane, almost at journeys end, and here was I thinking we were going for a picnic. Bottoms Lane lead us to Silverdale Green where we accessed Stankelt Road for the short walk back to the car.

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Heathwaite seen across the Silverdale coast.

Hazy views today, Grange over Sands seen from the Silverdale shore.

The scrub and scree slopes of Arnside Knott rise above Silverdale Cove.

Where the land falls to the sea, the limestone cliffs near Silverdale.

Viewing Cow's Mouth Cove from the beach with the cliffs of Jack Scout to the right.

Jack Scout.

Views across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, on view Jack Scout and the cliffs guarding Cow's Mouth Cove, on the far horizon dark Arnside Park with the Furness Peninsula across a hazy horizon.

The embankment at Jenny Brown's Point with stunning views over the bay.

The Brown's Houses come ready supplied with reclaimed ships timber roof supports. If I had a choice of where to live, and one was for sale here is where I would be, sod global warming and rising sea levels.

Looking across Quicksand Pool to our high ground for today, Warton Crag.

Striding across the embankment looking back to the Smelt Mill chimney and Brown's Houses.

Limestone pavements passed on the lower slopes of Warton Crag.

This was taken from our lunch stop, Jenny Brown's Point and the sylvan slopes of Heal Brow, the two red roofed buildings mark the Occupation Road, the start of our ascent.

Hazy views over Morecambe Bay.

As the sun dips behind a cloud it becomes possible to make out the Lancashire coast.

Sue drinks in the views from the summit Warton Crag.

This split rock marks a path junction, we followed the left hand path.

Moss and ivy covered boulders litter the forest floor to the north of the summit.

Another foot-path between another set of limestone scars carried us past the Three Brothers, this is one of them.

On Summer House Hill with views over Leighton Hall.

A misty view over Leighton Park with Warton Crag rising indistinct to the left.

Another indistinct view, I like that word it describes the view over Middlebarrow Quarry to Arnside Knott very well.

Yellow Flag Iris, it'll be a few weeks before they're tall enough to produce flowers.

Yealand Hall Allotment seen over the reed beds of Leighton Moss.

Seen from Storrs Lane, Grisedale and Cringlebarrow Woods over Leighton Moss.

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