The Kendal Scars from Oxenholme.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Natland - Hawes Bridge - Scroggs Wood - Lane Head - Brigsteer Road - Scout Scar - Cunswick Scar - Kendal Fell - Kendal - Oxenholme.

Notes. Things to do this morning, so after lunch I decided to have a wander along Scout and Cunswick Scars, a wander may not be the appropriate word, I walked from home, it's quite a long walk in. I allowed just enough time to get down before dark, down being the street lights of Kendal I still had to make my way home.

My route followed field paths swathed in ice, between dry stone walls on frozen lanes passing through Natland en route to Hawes Bridge, where I turned north to follow the west bank of the river. Picking my way carefully along the river bank path I soon reached Scroggs Wood the start of my ascent. Following tarmac lanes and farm tracks I ascended passing Helsington Laithes and Lane Head en route to Brigsteer Road. A short stroll along the icy surface of Brigsteer Road and I was climbing again, through fields deep in snow crossing Bradleyfield before reaching the summit of Scout Scar.

It was freezing up there, a biting wind whipping snow showers in from the northeast, I didn't hang around, my sights set firmly on Cunswick Scar, head down I battled my way north. After what seemed ages I reached the cairn on Cunswick Scar, a few quick photo's, it was too cold to hang around plus night was approaching. Onwards to Kendal Fell, no golfers just families sledging having great fun. I descended into Kendal as the last of the light faded, under the orange glow of street lights I made my way home. I had intended to catch the bus but sod it, if there'd been enough light or I'd thought to take a head torch I would have followed the river back to Hawes Bridge, instead I wandered up Oxenholme Road, not the most interesting end to the day but everything can't be perfect.

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Seen over Natland Larkrigg Hill, with Arnside Knott to the left.

Hawes Wood seen from the banks of the River Kent below Prizet House.

In the fields near Scroggs.

A stunning view over the Kent Valley seen from the fields above Lane Head.

From the same field, Farleton Fell.

Almost seen in black and white the Whinfell Ridge.

Laying under a dark cloud Whinfell Beacon.

Crossing Kendal Race Course looking to Kendal Fell.

Wonderful views across Kentdale, taking in the lower slopes of The Helm and the much higher Howgill Fells.

Walking through the scene on a Christmas card ascending Helsington Barrows.

Seen on the skyline Clougha Pike above Lancaster.

In the grip of winter Lyth Valley, on the skyline the Coniston Fells.

Viewing the Langdale Pikes from an icy Scout Scar plateau.

Also dramatic views to Morecambe Bay.

Rising high above Langdale the dramatic rock scenery of the Langdale Pikes and Pavey Ark

View taken along the scar itself.

I haven't got a clue what I'm looking at, the light caught my eye, I wedged myself against a tree wound the lens out to full magnification and took the shot, it's possibly Black Combe, 22 and a bit miles to the west.

A real magical sky over Scout Scar, seen from the short walk above Cunswick Scar.

The summit Cunswick Scar,

A lovely golden glow over the northern end of Whitbarrow with Scout Scar looking a little somber to the far left.

One of Lakelands very special sunsets, the ones you have to wander onto the hills to find, is that Black Combe on the far horizon?

Kendal Parish Church stands on the site of a much earlier Kirk possibly 13th century, built in the 18th century it can boast being the largest church in Cumbria possibly England, this is a poor picture the better views are from across the river.

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