The Ingleborough Ridge.

Start. Chapel-la-Dale.

Route. Chapel-le-Dale - Philpin Sleights - Keld Bank - Great Douk Cave - Souther Scales - Braithwaite Wife Hole - Humphrey Bottom - The Arks - Simon Fell - Souther Scales Fell - Park Fell - New Close - Gauber High Pasture - Fell Close Rocks - Sleights Pasture Rocks - Low Sleights Road - Chapel-le-Dale.

Notes. I promised myself a ramble, whatever the “day-to-day meteorological conditions” threw at me, that's the dictionary definition for weather, the next line states, “ temperature, cloudiness and rainfall”, and that about describes today. I thought I'd head into rain washed Yorkshire as it's some what friendlier than the Lake District in bad weather. The slopes of Ingleborough were my stomping ground with an option to stay low if the weather gods had their realy angry heads on.

I hate walking uphill trussed in waterproofs, but here I was clad in gortex picking my way through Philpin Sleights en route to my first call of interest, Great Douk Cave. On leaving Philpin Sleights I turned left, a good path now guided me to the deep defile of Great Douk Cave, I descended into the rock strewn crater to take a closer look, happy I re-traced my steps to the main path before carrying on up the hill. I passed through the vast limestone pavements of Souther Scales, the immense depression of Braithwaite Wife Hole stopped me in my tracks, this deep hollow is a sink hole the first stage of cave formation, as I felt the need to linger before stepping onto steeper ground I stared into it's depths a while. Turning my back on Braithwaite Wife Hole I passed through a gate and stepped onto the paving slabs ascending Humphrey Bottom, upwards I climbed the world around me quickly turning slate grey. At the foot of The Arks I paused before making the final steep leg burning ascent, steep gets you up quick, a pitch path under foot I was soon standing on the coll between Ingleborough and Simon Fell. From this coll a good path cuts a course north across the edge of the plateau, just far enough under the ridge line to shield me from wind and rain, I turned my back on Ingleborough to follow said path.

Heading north with a reassuring path under foot I wandered along the edge of Green Hill and Simon Fell, I passed Black Rock before joining a wall that guided me to the summit of Park Fell, ignoring the two gates and way-mark arrows I continued north. A steep descent followed a dry stone wall and fence line for company, at the bottom of the hill I passed through a gate to start the long walk back through limestone pastures. With green paths under foot I wandered through New Close Pasture and Gauber, I crossed Fell Close with it's limestone pavements, then Sleights Pasture Rocks where erratic boulders perch on the limestone bed rock. On I walked towards a small cops where I stepped onto a land rover track that guided me to the main road. On the short walk over tarmac I'd hoped to get some photos of Ingleborough and the ridge I'd just traversed, alas, I could hardly see across the road, I could have been anywhere. Back at the parked car peeling layers of waterproof clothing from my tired damp body I pondered over the question, was it worth the effort? of course it was I'd do it again tomorrow.

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Lime Kiln in the pastures of Philpin Sleights.

Viewing Raven Scar and White Scar with Ingleborough rising into the cloud.

From Philpin Sleights views to a cloud kissed Ingleborough.

Seen from the path to Great Douk Cave, the edge of Souther Scales backed by Twisleton Scars with Gragareth grey on the horizon.

The rather inconspicuous entrance to Great Douk Pot.... to take a closer look, I think this is close enough.

Great Douk Cave.

Souther Scales a vast expanse of limestone pavements and stunted vegetation.

Under cloud Whernside.

I'm hanging around dragging my feet, putting off the inevitable, sooner or later I've got to ascend into the murk.

Seen from the edge of Souther Scales, under cloud Park Fell with Simon Fell rising to the right.

Peering into the depths of Braithwaite Wife Hole.

Ascending Humphrey Bottom looking to the limestone pavements of Souther Scales.

Looking down my ascent route....

....before the world vanishes under a vale of grey.

Onwards and upwards, my guide to the coll between Ingleborough and Simon Fell.

A reassuring path leads me along the edge of the plateau.

Ghosts in the gloom, I'm not the only walker up here.

It's a good feeling when you descend under the cloud base to discover you're where you intended. The hills of Yorkshire may not be the highest but there girth is vast, if you're unfortunate enough to descend into the wrong valley it's a long walk back.

Fell Close Rocks looking to Ribblehead Viaduct.

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