The Helm.

Start. Oxenholme Post Office.

Route. Oxenholme Post Office - Helmside Road - Station Inn - The Helm - A65 - Oxenholme - Helmside Road - Oxenholme Post Office.

Notes. I thought I'd take a walk up what my friends affectionately call my back garden, The Helm, so close to home I much neglect it, so close in fact I can climb it from my kitchen door. An ancient fort adorns the summit I was always lead to believe it was Roman, I have since found out it was built by the Brigantes around 800BC, I'm sure the Romans would have adopted it it's in a perfect place.

My route took me north from Oxenholme Post Office along Helmside Road, right at the junction then up the hill, the Station Inn marked the start of my ascent, I was soon on the summit ridge and heading for Castlesteads Fort (the earth works on the skyline). My descent was to the north west to reach a single track road at it's junction with the A65, a short walk over tarmac saw me back in Oxenholme.

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Ascending The Helm's northern slopes.

The land on the other side of the wall has always been private, it's now open access land, The Friends of the Lake District must have spent an awful lot of time clearing the brambles.

Views to the east.

Nice new gate with views to Farleton Fell.

Benson Knott adorns the northern skyline.

Slipping and sliding my way along The Helm summit ridge.

Snowy views across the Kent Valley with Scout Scar across the skyline.

A wonderful winter scene across the slopes of Summerhouse Hill.

Looking to the earthworks of Castlesteads Fort, the summit of The Helm.

Stunning views along The Helm summit ridge, it looks like the southern lakes are under a heavy snow shower.

Looking across Kendal with heavy snow sweeping in across Potter Fell.

From the summit views across snow covered lowlands to the limestone escarpment of Farleton Fell.

The summit of The Helm provides a fine viewpoint, unfortunately the snow clouds are obscuring the Barbon and Howgill Fells.

The stunning view to the south with Arnside Knott just visible on the skyline.

Looking to Arnside Knott across the Kent Valley.

I'm about to be turned into a snow man. it's time to head down the hill.

Dark clouds sweep in from the east with Farleton Fell still visible bathed in sunlight.

A good path leads me down to the road.

My route passes this memorial seat, obviously some persons favourite place in life.

I'm back on the main road, this small waterlogged copse is full of frogs and toads in summer, plus the odd family of Mallards, after heavy rain it often spills out onto the main road making driving fun.

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