The Falls of Kirkaig.

Start. Inverkirkaig.

Route. Inverkirkaig - River Kirkaig - Falls of Kirkaig - River Kirkaig - Inverkirkaig.

Notes. This short excursion takes in a good slice of woodland walking, riverside rambling and open moorland strolling, some mountain vistas and a fearsome Highland waterfall. All this in only four and a half miles. Unless you're me, I walked from our holiday accommodation on the shores of Loch Kirkaig, allowing me to take in a slice of coastal scenery at the price of two extra miles, a bargain.

I wandered through the scattered community of Inverkirkaig, a tarmac lane under foot, the salt waters of Loch Kirkaig to my right and low craggy hills my left, the tide was just starting to flood, by the time I returned it would just about be high water. The narrow lane guided me to a large car park and picnic area, directly across the road a large metal gate and smaller kissing gate welcomed me, a finger-post invited me to The Falls of Kirkaig. This path I followed first over a metaled track then through ancient woodland of birch, rowan, hazel and aspen, the ever present song of the river drifted through the forest merging with the various sounds made by our feathered friends.

Once out of the trees whilst striding over peat moorland Suilven briefly tilted into view, then was gone as quickly. At a path junction a large sign warned of the dangers awaiting me further along the track, another finger-post invited me to said dangers. I continued eager for an adrenalin rush, the path ended at a steep drop into the ravine containing The Falls of Kirkaig. To my mind this was an easy down scramble, it may be very different in wet weather with slippery rock under foot, but today was easy. Once I'd had my fill of this 60ft Highland gem I scrambled back up, hands on all the way, safe on level ground all that remained, to re-trace my steps the way I came.

If you have more time than I had, the boss had booked a table at Peets in Lochinver, an excellent restaurant by the way, you could wander on to beautiful Fionn Lock or even Suilven. I had intended to do just that but ran out of time. A good excuse, if one was needed to return.

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Loch Kirkaig featuring the islands of Sgeir Mhor and A'Chliet.

The River Kirkaig near Elder's Pool one of many good fishing holes.

En route through Birch Woods.

Further up the path, free of the tree cover and the views start to open out.

Ground just trod.

Glen Kirkaig and the river it takes it's name from.

Fabulous walking country, lots of low craggy unnamed tops, but a little further along the path....

....the mountains of Assynt tilt into view, Suilven and to the right Cul Mor.

Striding out over moorland paths with this view for company, the ridges of Suilven.

The star of the show, 60ft high and very noisy, Kirkaig Falls.

I've turned my back on the falls, time was against me, the view back down the glen.

Again we have a view down Loch Kirkaig.

A scattering of white washed dwellings, a few more behind me plus our home for the week, that's it the Inverkirkaig.

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