The Fairy Glen.

Start. The Fairy Glen, Uig.

Route. N/A

Notes. Today we took a walk where the fairy folk play, the Fairy Glen at Uig, little publicised and not so easy to find, this miniature landscape is quite bizarre, a delightful place to wander, a landscape of weird grassy cone-shaped hills, low towers and cliffs, it's a short easy walk come along you'll enjoy it. First you have to find the place, leave Uig heading south, a hundred yards past the Uig Hotel an easily missed single-track road emerges from the left, follow this you'll know when you get there.

We parked on a patch of waste ground at the entrance to the glen, our route we made up as suited. Leaving the car we wandered over and around perfectly formed cone-shaped hills, when we ran out of hills we crossed the single-track road to ascend a rocky tower, Castle Ewen, but for the the purpose of this account we'll call it the Fairy Castle, after soaking up the views we descended before ascending low cliffs to start the short walk back.

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From the start of the walk, Ben Gorm across Glen Uig.

Under cloud Beinn Edra guards the head of Glen Uig.

Looking across the bizarre landscape of the Fairy Glen.

Views across Glen Uig.

The Fairy Glen a totally natural landscape formed in much the same way as The Quiraing, on the horizon Reieval rising above Uig.

Glen Uig with Beinn Edra in sunlight.

Ascending to the Fairy Castle.

It's not a fairy, it's Sue squeezing through the narrow gap that allows access to the summit.

It maybe a little pimple but the views from the summit are stunning.

A quick look to our return route, above the ridge of low cliffs to the left.

Sue soaks up the views from the tower.

I'm a bit fatter than I used to be, it took a bit longer squeezing my frame through the narrow gap.

A final look over The Fairy Glen.

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