The Delights of Malham.

Start. Malham.

Route. Malham - Cove Road - Malham Cove - Sheriff Hill - Malham Rakes - Cowden Flats Barn - Gordale Bridge - Gordale Scar - Gordale Bridge - Janet's Foss - New Laithe - Mires Barn - Malham.

Notes. Come take a short ramble with us, (I had Sue for company today) through a landscape of limestone cliffs topped with weather scared pavements, spectacular gorges complete with waterfalls and a wooded hollow home to a queen. We could have visited a tarn but time and the weather forecast were against us, so come take a short stroll you'll enjoy every inch of the way.

We parked in the National Park Centre car park before wandering into the village, passed the smithy and Buck Inn we walked to access the path clearly leading to Malham Cove, an impressive limestone amphitheatre around 260ft high. We scaled the many steps to the left of the cove to access the spectacular limestone pavements that adorn it's top, after picking our way over many clints and grykes we joined the green trod leading to Gordale. Finger-posts kept us on track as we descended to Gordale Bridge and the impressive Gordale Scar. With less water plunging over the falls it's possible to ascend the chock stone then continue on to Malham Tarn, as we didn't fancy wet feet for the rest of the walk we declined, settling for lunch in the shadow of Gordale's dramatic overhanging limestone cliffs.

Lunch over we re-traced our steps to Gordale Bridge, a few yards further along the lane opposite a ruinous barn a finger-post invited us to return to Malham, we obliged, pausing to photograph Janet's Foss home to Janet queen of the fairies before continuing. The path guided us through Foss Wood a wonderful wooded dell, we exited the woods into open pastures, with the many voices of Gordale Beck for company we slowly meandered back to Malham.

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In Cove Road looking to the massive wall of rock that is Malham Cove.

Field system above Malham.

Malham Beck.

Once seen never forgotten, Malham Cove.

Wonderful limestone pavements above Malham Cove.

From the clints and grikes above Malham Cove views over Malhamdale.

Malhamdale seen over the limestone scenery above the cove.

Stunning views to the south, the wall on the left will guide us to Gordale, the small green hill in the centre of the picture is Cowden, our route passes behind that, later.

The scenery up here is quite intoxicating, here is a final look over Malhamdale before we move on.

Sue drinks in the view from Malham Cove.

Looking up Ing Scar, 12.000 years ago this would have been a raging river, the water of which spewed over Malham Cove creating a waterfall to rival Niagara.

Looking to the head of Gordale Scar.

If you fancy a little excitement, ascend the chock stone in the centre, the path then continues through some spectacular limestone scenery to reach Malham Tarn.

Dizzy views from above Janet's Foss.

Janet's Foss home to Janet queen of the fairies.

Foss is old norse for waterfall or force, this particular one as well as being home to a queen was once used as a sheep dip, not very regal.

Gordale Beck on it's passage through Foss Wood.

Views across the marsh land below Foss Wood.

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