The Bone Caves of Inchnadamph.

Start. Car Park on the edge of the A837, two and a half miles south of Inchnadamph.

Route. Car Park - Fuaran Allt nan Uamh - Allt nan Uamh - Bone Caves - Allt nan Uamh - Fuaran Allt nan Uamh- Car Park.

Notes. This short walk into stunning limestone country visits a number of caves under the crags of the northern slopes of Beinn an Fhuarain, named after skeletal remains of arctic fix, lynx and wolf were found way back in 1889. Also of interest passed en route a large spring, Fuaran Allt nan Uamh, a sizeable river appears from seemingly nowhere.

We parked in the Bone Caves car park just off the A387 about two and a half miles south of Inchnadamph, a gate at the rear of the car park allowed access to a track, we followed this. The track soon turned into a path, the path in turn guided us passed a splendid waterfall into stunning limestone scenery. Soon our aiming point tilted into view. A row of dark holes lined the top edge of a steep grass, heather and rock covered slope, now all we had to do was find a way up.

We continued turning right at a path junction, this path fords Allt nan Uamh a wide stream, never fear this is limestone country, as so often happens the water prefers a subterranean route leaving us walkers with a boulder strewn dry stream bed to cross. The path then climbed towards a coll, after a few yards a sign warned of falling rocks, this warning marked the path to the caves. So not only had we precipitous drops to worry about but falling rocks also. We continued regardless teetering along narrow paths with steep drops to our right and sheer limestone cliffs our left. We explored the caves before the path descended crossing the Allt nan Uamh once more, all that remained to descend the valley the way we came.

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Waterfall on the Allt nan Uamh.

Canisp seen from near Fuaran Allt nan Uamh.

Closing the head of the glen, with a few pockets of snow trapped on it's western slopes, Breabag.

Slightly further up the valley our destination tilts into view, to the right dwarfed by the limestone cliffs of Breagan, Creag nan Uamh the northern tip of Beinn an Fhuarain, home to the Bone Caves.

Another view to Breabag with Conival kissed by cloud to the left.

Looking to Creag nan Uamh, you can just make out the Bone Caves.

The scene over the glen cut by Allt nan Uamh.

Hard hats and a head for heights needed.

Sue wanders towards the Bone Caves, alas the camera doesn't do the drops justice.

Yours truly a little further along the path.

"So this is what a bone cave looks like"....

....much like any limestone cavern we've been in in the dales of Yorkshire, just a hell of a lot scarier to reach.

Gracing the western skyline Canisp.

Spewing from the base of the cliff, Fuaran Allt nan Uamh.

We started with this shot so why not finish with it, a typical Highland burn, Allt nan Uamh.

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