South from Silverdale return through Grisedale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Know End Point - Cows Mouth Cove - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Crag Foot - Stony Wood - Peter Lane - Peter Lane Kiln - Peter Lane - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Grisedale - Leighton Moss - Storrs Lane - Red Bridge Lane - Silverdale Railway Station - Silverdale Golf Course - The Row - Lambert's Meadow - Bottom's Well - Silverdale.

Notes. Forced into another late start, work commitments this time. Early afternoon saw me in Silverdale, avoiding the afternoon traffic jams that usually afflict the Lake's this time of year, lack of reasonably priced parking means digging deep into your pockets at the usual tourist black spots. Silverdale basked in sunshine, tourists were out in force, I still found plenty of roadside parking, handy near the Silverdale Hotel.

From the hotel I headed to the shore before turning south, along the foreshore I wandered, sea washed turf soon gave way to rock and mud, a cliff top path safely carried me above the mire depositing me in Cows Mouth Cove where the sand was dry and hard. Onwards I wandered under the impressive cliffs at Jack Scout, then on to Jenny Brown's Point where I turned my back on the sands of Morecambe Bay. After passing the smelt mill chimney a new finger-post invited me to Quacker's Stang amongst several other possible destinations. I crossed the embankment but ignored Quacker's Stang my sights set firmly on Crag Foot. At Crag Foot yet another finger-post greeted me, Old Coach Road, I followed this path passed the pump house chimney and row of cottages before ascending through Stony Wood, onwards I climbed through cow pastures and sheep meadows then more woodland eventually stepping onto the tarmac of Peter Lane. After crossing the lane I descended through more pastures passing Peter Lane Kiln before turning left, a short walk through a narrow field, hemmed in by limestone scars and a high dry stone wall took me to a small cops guarded by a wicket gate, I passed through said gate before stepping back into Peter Lane.

Near the bottom of Peter Lane, on a sharp bend a narrow stile with finger-post welcomed me, I ascended the hill passing a ruined summer house to access the view point over-looking Leighton Hall, hazy views greeted me today. I descended following the tarmac lane to the right of the Gothic pile, down hill through Grisedale I walked before crossing Leighton Moss to access Storrs Lane. With tarmac under foot I wandered south joining a permissive path traversing behind Leighton Moss Visitors Centre soon reaching a road junction, a right turn saw me passing Silverdale Railway Station to gain access to the public right of way across Silverdale Golf Course, once in The Row I joined a path signed Lambert's Meadow. After a short wander between trees a steep set of steps and wicket gate aided access to said meadow, I crossed to reach a wooden foot-bridge. Bottom's Well isn't signposted but if you turn left after crossing the bridge the grassy path will guide you to it, once at the well a stoney lane guided me back into Silverdale to start the short walk back over tarmac to the patiently waiting car, but first the beer garden of the Silverdale Hotel.

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Near Know End point viewing Arnside Knott across Silverdale Bay.

Let the water channel carry your eye to Heysham Power Stations and the Morecambe coast.

Hampsfell and Arnside Park as seen from Know End Point.

If the going gets muddy or slippery, or maybe the tide's rising this cliff top path makes for excellent walking.

Across Cows Mouth Cove the cliffs of Jack Scout rise sheer from the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

A rare view into Cows Mouth Cove, usually the sand is wet and very soft here, I usually avoid it.

A cross bay walk today, the long route from Hest Bank to Kents Bank, almost eight miles as the crow flies, sometimes a lot further, depending on conditions out in the bay.

The embankment at Jenny Brown's Point.

Across Quick Sand Pools the sylvan slopes of Warton Crag.

I've mentioned the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay many times, here's a prime example, sea washed timbers at Jenny Brown's Point, when I first passed this way over twenty years ago they were head height, now with sand encroachment they just reach my waist.

The Brown's Houses.

Before turning your back on Morecambe Bay , you just have to take a shot of the smelt mill chimney at Jenny Brown's Point.

Hazy views across Silverdale, looking to the limestone escarpment of Farleton Fell.

At Crag Foot viewing the Pump House Chimney.

Heading through Stony Wood.

Wandering through Hermitage Wood.

The final stretch of woodland rambling before stepping into Peter Lane.

Hay meadows off Peter Lane looking to The Lodge marking the entrance to Leighton Hall.

Peter Lane Kiln.

If you've followed the right path you should reach this wicket gate, allowing access to a small cops and Peter Lane.

On Summer House Hill striding towards the very popular view point.

Hazy views over Grisedale.

I always find this a fairly boring stretch to walk, the causeway across Leighton Moss, of cause I bet there's a great number of twitchers would disagree with me.

From Lambert's Meadow views to Silverdale.

It's the first time I've set eyes on Bottom's Well.

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