South from Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Know End Point - Cows Mouth Cove - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Heald Brow - Woodwell - Silverdale.

Notes. The boss has a new pair of walking boots to test drive, lighter go faster boots, the type that look a little like trainers, she suggested an evening stroll, I suggested Silverdale, when we set off the sun was already low in the sky, a few minutes into the walk she realized our return route would be through woodland in the dark, our stroll turned into a power walk, I had difficulty slowing her down.

From Shore Road we made our way to the beach, heading south along the cliff path we soon made the short descent to Jack Scout Cove, over an obvious stile into the private grounds belonging to Gibraltar Farm to access a steep scramble on the right, this deposited us on Jack Scout near the Giants Seat. Continuing south we soon reached the tarmac lane leading to Jenny Brown's Point, our route took us past the Brown's Houses, east round the point passing the Smelt Mill Chimney before ascending Heald Brow. We were now walking a section of the Lancashire Coastal Way through green fields into the setting sun, quite wonderful until we joined the path to Woodwell. It was almost dark as we crossed the stile to descend into the trees, it was a short brisk walk along the edge of a field with limestone cliffs rising to our right before reaching the well and pool at Woodwell, from where we were able to access a lane of the same name followed by a short walk to Lindeth Road, a few hundred yards over tarmac with the odd street light for company brought us to the junction with Shore Road, the car was waiting just down the hill.

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From the beach at Silverdale the view to Humphrey Head.

Grange over Sands seen over the shimmering sands of Morecambe Bay.

On the cliff path looking to Jack Scout.

A wonderful view to the Furness Peninsula.

Looking to Arnside Park from the cliff path near Jack Scout Cove.

Another view across the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Sue strides out en route to Jack Scout Cove.

Big skies and silvery seascapes.

Near the Giants Seat looking to the sun set above Hampfell.

A wonderful golden glow adds warmth to this timeless scene across the bay.

The embankment at Jenny Brown's.

Warton Crag seen over Quicksand Pools.

Passed on many occasions the Smelt Mill Chimney.

Striding out through the fields above Heald Brow chasing the last of the daylight.

A magical sky brought to life by the setting sun.

Silverdale can be a magical place at this time of day.

On the path to Woodwell, so dark I had to use a flash.

Woodwell, the pool's alive with insects of the night, an Owl hoots in a nearby tree, Bats duck and dive overhead, it's time to head for the welcoming glow of the street lights of Silverdale.

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