South from Milnthorpe return over Haverbrack Fell.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Herron Corn Mill - Church Street - Beetham - Underlaid Wood - Fairy Steps - Longtail Wood - Cockshot Lane - Haverbrack Fell - Crow Wood - Park Road - River Bela - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. I'm in the company of Sue today on another ramble through the delights of limestone country, this is a walk we first did many years ago, we liked it then and it still rates highly, specially on a day like today. We made time to linger, had lunch above the Fairy Steps before wandering back, a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Old Bridge spanning the River Bela marked the start of this delightful ramble, once the main route to the coast it now allows access to Dallam Park. We crossed, way marked paths guided us south, after passing the Deer Shelter then crossing a Ha ha? we descended to the Heron Corn Mill car park. A narrow bridleway greeted us, hemmed in by dry stone walls we followed this path emerging onto Church Street just north of Beetham, we turned to head into the village. Next to the first house on the right a footpath ascends a field before entering Underalaid Wood. This was our chosen route, through the field then into the woods, way marked paths guided us across Beetham Fell, depositing us above the Fairy Steps.

After an extended lunch it was time to head north, through coppiced woodland on good paths, the cliffs of Whin Scar soon gave way to an excellent track which carried us to Cockshot Lane, from the lane we entered yet more woodland, yellow arrows guided us up Haverbrack Fell, an easy ascent on tree lined paths, we stepped from the woods into stunning views as always. The steep descent that followed took us through limestone pastures into Crow Wood before depositing us onto the tarmac of Park Road. After crossing the road the River Bela guided us back to Milnthorpe, passed the weir, the single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge and Dallam Tower.

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Strolling through Dallam Park looking to Crow Wood.

Looking to Castle Hill, marked on the map as an earthwork, it's the site of a Motte and Bailey castle dating from sometime between 1066 and 1299.

From Dallam Park views to Whitbarrow.

Above the Whin Scar cliffs looking to Arnside Knott.

Arnside and the Kent Viaduct backed by Hampsfell.

Heading north along the base of the Whin Scar cliffs....

....passing the Fairy Steps.

Seen from Haverbrack Fell, Milnthorpe Sands and a skyline of Lakeland peaks.

Stunning views from Haverbrack Fell, the Kent and Bela channels, Lyth Valley by far the most picturesque route into Lakeland and a saw tooth skyline of Lakeland mountains.

The scene over Milnthorpe Sands.

Surveying the scene along the Sandside sea front.

Along the tideline of the whispering River Bela.

Dallam Tower sits in the shadow of Crow Wood, a shadow cast by a low winters sun.

The River Bela in Dallam Park.

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