Sedbergh and the River Rawthey.

Start. Sedbergh.

Route. Sedbergh - Back lane - Loftuse Hill - Millthrop Bridge - Chain Dub - Weir - New Bridge - Scrogg House - Straight Bridge - Buckbank - Elerthwiate - Hollin Hill - Stone Hall - Underbank - Back Lane - Sedbergh.

Notes. The attractive old market town of Sedbergh with it's old world atmosphere marked the starting point for a short ramble through the dale of the River Rawthey. A river bank ramble, our return made through sheep pastures, passed ancient farmstead's nestled in the shadow of the Howgill Fells.

We parked in Back Lane, which is actually the main road through the village, our route took us over tarmac as we followed the Dent Road, at the bottom of Loftuse Hill Millthrop Bridge marked the spot where we joined the banks of the River Rawthey. Rriverside paths guided us east towards the bleak slopes of Baugh Fell, through a number of kissing gates, passed an old weir before reaching New Bridge, we crossed said bridge and continued following the river. Through sheep and cow pastures we strolled, stiles and small gates aided our crossing of field boundaries, after passing Straight Bridge the path ascended to Buckbank Farm, yellow arrows guided us around the farm buildings to access the tarmac surface of Buckbank Lane, after ascending the lane Elerthwaite marked a change in direction.

We were now heading back to Sedbergh through pastures split by ancient hedgerows, field paths and ancient tracks linking typical Dales farmsteads, passed Hollin Hill and Stone Hall and Underbank before the outskirts of Sedbergh welcomed us. A narrow tarmac path guided us under the slopes of Castlehaw into the village centre just in time for lunch, I left Sue to sniff out the nearest café, always a good move.

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From Loftuse Hill views to the bulk of Baugh Fell.

Millthrop Bridge carries the road bound for Dent over the River Rawthey.

The twin arches of Millthrop Bridge.

Crook as seen from the banks of the River Rawthey.

Above the tree tops Winder.

The upper weir Sedbergh.

Baugh Fell across the fields of Rawthey Dale.

Looking to Winder.

Walked by few, Baugh Fell.

Seen from near Buckbank, Baugh Fell.

Knott above Buckbank.

Seen from near Ellerthwaite, the Frostrow Fells backed by the Middleton Fells.

Crook from the approach to Hollin Hill.

Views across the valley of the River Rawthey.

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