Scout Scar there and Back.

Start. Brigsteer Road.

Route. Brigsteer Road - Bradleyfield - Helsington Barrows - Hodgson's Leap - Scout Scar - Hodgson's Leap - Helsington Barrows - Bradleyfield - Brigsteer Road.

Notes. As famously penned by Noel Coward "Mad dogs and English Men go out in the midday sun", well forget the mad dogs just me and Kirsten and the midday sun. It was glorious today we decided to have a wander across Scout and Cunswick Scars, accompanying us was one fancy mobile phone, still living in a lime green sock but still refusing to give directions, although she has discovered it does take extremely good panoramic pictures.

We parked opposite Kendal Racecourse above the By-pass on Brigsteer Road, our route was simple, follow the way marked path across Helsington Barrows before swinging north on reaching a rather obvious cairn, pass the Mushroom to reach Underbarrow Road then on to Cunswick Scar, we intended to stay high by retracing our steps. It was baking hot, somebody decided she wouldn't need anything to drink, by the time we'd reached the Mushroom she'd just about finished mine, as we begun the descent to Underbarrow Road the phone rang, (it does actually work), there was a free barbecue on offer all she had to do was turn up, of course that's more fun than tramping through the summer heat with dad, I felt Cunswick Scar slipping from my grasp, then the A to Z of excuses, she must have a medical dictionary on that bloody phone, sometimes you know when your beaten, I reluctantly agreed to turn back after all it was unbearably hot.

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Stretching across the horizon the Kentmere Horseshoe.

Benson Knott seen across Kendal Racecourse.

Looking over the Kent Valley to the rolling summits of the Whinfell range.

The stunning view to the east taking in the Middleton and Barbon High Fells

Ascending to Helsington Barrows.

The wonderful view across the Kent Valley.

This shapely cairn on the edge of Helsington Barrows provides a fine viewpoint, it also makes a junction of several paths, from here our route swung north across the plateau above Scout Scar.

The unmistakable Langdale Pikes, Wainwright's Crouching Lions.

Seen over Lyth Valley the Coniston massif.

It's easy to forget you're walking through a working landscape, someone's office.

Down Lyth Valley to Arnside Knott across the Kent Estuary.

The Mushroom.

From the edge of the Scout Scar plateau magical views as far as High Street at the head of Kentmere.

The truly humbling sight over south Lakeland, I'm looking to Cunswick Scar and that bloody phone was ringing.

Clearly seen over Scar Woods the Whinfell ridge.

A final look to High Street before turning our back on the hills for today.

The Howgill Fells look quite imposing from near the trig point on Scout Scar, pity about the windmills.

Descending Scout Scar with views over Kendal.

The Helm rises above Natland.

Kendal Fell seen across Kendal Racecourse.

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