Scout Scar (a route march).

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Burton Road - Oxenholme Lane - Natland - Hawes Lane - Hawes bridge - Scroggs Woos - Helsington Laithes - Lane Head - Brigsteer Road - Bradleyfield - Scout Scar - Gamblesmire Lane - Underbarrow Road - Green Side - Beast Banks - Allhallows Lane - Highgate - Kirkland - Natland Road - Watercrook Farm - Hawes Lane - Natland - Oxenholme Lane - Burton Road - Oxenholme.

Notes. I had a lunch date with two of the three special ladies in my life, Sue and my granddaughter Luna 2¾ coming on six, she's picked the venue a greasy spoon in town, I just had to get there on time, here we encountered a problem. It was such a nice morning I opted to walk into town via the River Kent and the limestone plateau of Scout Scar, leaving it hopelessly late to set out what should have been a pleasant stroll turned into a route march, the weather deteriorated and I was an hour late.

I wandered to Natland via Burton Road and Oxenholme Lane, after passing the tiny Post Office I strolled down Hawes Lane to access the west bank of the River Kent. I walked north over frozen ground, gates and stiles aiding my crossing of field boundaries. I stopped at Scroggs, there's a bench by the river with fine views, it was then it dawned on me I was hopelessly behind time.

I upped the pace, leaving the river letting a narrow tarmac lane guide me to the main road, I crossed to join another lane leading to Helsington Laithes and Lane Head. At Lane Head I encountered another delay. The lane was blocked, a couple of farmers and several sheep dogs were shepherding wooly ovine balls (sheep) into a large trailer. I immensely enjoy watching dogs work the flock, I stood letting time slip away.

Once the lane was clear I wandered through a large field to access Brigsteer Road. I was now looking for short cuts, I strode out over Kendal Race Course (disused, now cow and sheep pastures) to access Bradleyfield, when I exited Bradleyfield I let a dry stone wall guide me to the trig point on Scout Scar. Time to make a phone call, or it would have been if I could have found my phone. I traversed the scar at a brisk pace, crossed Underbarrow Road then had a thought, I'd save time if I descended Gamblesmire Lane, then followed the tarmac of Underbarrow Road into Kendal, that's if I didn't get cleaned up by a car. This I did, the latter I avoided, I found my phone, made a call and lunch was on the table as I entered the café to a right telling off from a 2¾ year old.

After lunch we walked through town at a 2¾ year olds pace, stopping to inspect absolutely everything, a poke, a prod, a stick scrutinized with interest. I left them when it was time to do some shopping, wandered on to Romney Bridge where I joined Natland Road for the short walk out of town.

After passing Clark's warehouses I turned right, a tarmac lane ushered me towards Watercrook Farm, just before the farm a finger-post invited me to wander through sheep pastures, this green trod lead me back to the river, then Hawes Lane where I was left to re-trace my steps of earlier.

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Looking to Helsington Barrows through the diffused light of a South Lakeland morning.

Pastures off Hawes Lane.

Seen from near Crowpark Bridge, The Helm.

The River Kent at Scroggs.

Strolling up the drive to Park Head.

Viewing Helsington Barrows from sheep pastures above Park Head.

Helsington Barrows.

The trig point, Scout Scar.

Across Lyth Valley, grey melting into a grey horizon Whitbarrow.

Along the edge of the limestone escarpment, you'll have to take my word for it, swallowed up by that bank of cloud are the hills of the English Lake District.

Cunswick Scar and Scar Wood, off my route today time was against me.

Gamblesmire Lane my route off the hill.

From the tarmac of Underbarrow Road views south over sheep pastures.

Greenside Kiln, one of five kilns in the Greenside area each having two firing bowls, unfortunately the sole survivor. Lime was burned at Greenside before being transported by horse drawn cart to Canal Head for transportation south, so much lime a court order was taken out against the lime burner for causing congestion on Beast Banks.

The River Kent north of Hawes Bridge.

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