Scarinish, Heanish and Traigh an Duin.

Start. Scarinish Hotel.

Route. Scarinish Hotel - Harbour - Scarinish - Adavale - Heanish - Dun Heanish - Traigh an Duin - Adavale - Scarinish - Scarinish Hotel.

Notes. This was an unplanned ramble, we'd had dinner out, the Scarinish Hotel, overlooking a delightful harbour provides decent food at a reasonable price, the surroundings maybe dated but the food and service were good.

Dinner over we went for a short wander around the harbour, our short wander continued past a number of small sandy beaches off the lane to Heanish, at this small scattering of houses we left the road heading south passed lonely bungalows rising from the machair, when a fence and wall blocked our way we permitted them to guide us to the coast. Faint paths now shepherded us above the rocky coastline, we passed a number of small beaches as we wandered into some stunning views, soon we found ourselves scaling Dun Heanish. Nothing remains of this iron-age fort except the mound it once occupied, the views from the top were quite staggering. Another stroll across a beautiful strand followed, Traigh an Duin, “Beach of the Fort”, at the far side of the beach a wooden paneled house made for an obvious landmark, we headed for this to join the access track which ushered us back to the tarmac lane we left earlier. With tarmac under foot, our dinners walked off we made our way back to the Scarinish Hotel, time for a long lingering drink overlooking the harbour, a perfect end to the day.

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The small Harbour at Scarinish.

Like the skeleton of a long dead sea monster, the bones of this old boat are the only thing that scars this lovely harbour beach.

Views to the Isle of Mull from Scarinish.

A stunning view to the Isle of Mull with the Trishnish Isles just visible.

Looking in land where the bones of the island break through the shallow top soil.

Our guide to the coast with wonderful silvery views, Ben Hynish overlooks Hynish Bay.

I bet that stands out in a storm.

Looking back to Heanish from the fertile machair near the coast.

Beinn Hough on the far horizon, seen over the small island communities of Baugh and Heanish.

Coastal scenery near Dun Heanish.

Dun Heanish, iron-age fort.

Wonderful silvery seascapes, the long finger of Hynish reaches out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Seen from Dun Heanish, Traigh an Duin, Beach of the Fort.

On the silver sands of Traigh an Duin looking to Dun Heanish.

Scarinish from the main island road, not exactly busy is it.

We wandered back passing a number of idyllic beaches with views to the Isle of Mull.

Just had to show you this picture, not that it's particularly good, taken from our holiday cottage, over Hynish Bay in the cool light of early evening the Cullin of Sky

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