River Kent Ramble.

Start. Hawes Bridge.

Route. Hawes Bridge - Hawes Wood - Low Park - Park Head - Levens Park - Levens Bridge - Levens Park - Hincaster Road - Wilson Place - Larkrigg Spring Wood - Hawes Bridge.

Notes. Today with a few hours to spare I decided on a short walk along the banks of the River Kent, a river that starts it's life in the pools and rivulets in the shattered rock and scree of Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke high in the hills above Kentmere Village, at the beginning of a twenty mile journey to the sea, joined by the Mint and Sprint in flood the fastest flowing river in England. I intend to walk it's banks south of Natland just seven and a half miles there and back.

I leave the car where Hawes Bridge spans the river at the impressive Natland Gorge, ignoring the private sign I enter Hawes Wood to follow the west bank of the river, passing through woodland over grassland until I reach the remains of the New Sedgwick Gunpowder Works, a short walk over tarmac before passing under the A591 to reach Park Head, here a finger post directed me through fields to Levens Park. After a short walk through the park I cross the river at Levens Bridge to begin the homeward journey. The east bank takes me through an impressive avenue of Oaks before reaching the Hincaster Road, above the A591 with tarmac under foot I still followed the river, I entered the fields at Wilson Place on a bridleway to Larkrigg, after entering the lane a stile on the left lead me above the river on an obvious path that guided me back to Hawes Bridge.

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The River Kent on it's never ending hurry through Natland Gorge.

The River Kent at Hawes Bridge.

Looking north from near the New Sedgwick Gunpowder Works.

Rapids on the River Kent.

Views downstream, my return route will be above the cliffs on the left hand bank.

Feeder stream to what is marked on the map as an aquaduct, in my book it's a mill race.

This impressive mill race once carried the waters of the Kent to power the machinery of the New Sedgwick Gunpowder Works, the path I'm walking on is to the right between the river and the race.

In Low Park Wood with views down the river.

Force Falls near Sedgwick.

The banks of the river at Force Falls.

Passing under the A591 below Force Falls, the ominous orange glow on the far bank means the sun's starting to set, I may find myself wandering back in the dark.

Long shadows in the fields above Park Head.

Mighty Oaks in Levens Park.

Above the River Kent heading north.

The Kent on it's journey through Levens Park.

The setting sun above Levens Park, four miles of easy walking back to Hawes Bridge.

Long shadows and mighty oaks.

The famed avenue of Oaks in Levens Park.

The footbridge at Wilson Place.

On this section of my walk there was a wonderful orange glow across The Helm, unfortunately I didn't realize how many powerlines run across this valley, by the time I was clear of the cables the glow was gone. "If you can't beat 'em join 'em"

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