Reston Scar above Staveley.

Start. Staveley.

Route. Barley Bridge - Kentmere Road - Black Crag - Reston Scar - Barley Bridge.

Notes. Sue expressed her desire for a short walk this afternoon, somewhere in the Lake's, as I didn't fancy fighting my way through the Saturday afternoon traffic, coupled with the fact she's never been up there, I suggested Reston Scar above Staveley, it met with approval on one condition, we visited Wilf's Cafe later.

We left the car in the small car park at Barley Bridge, our route took us north up the Kentmere road, after a 1/3 of a mile a path leads off to the left, ascending a concrete drive to reach a grassy track that lead to the summit of Black Crag. From Black Crag the route was simple, west over boggy ground to reach a wall and gate before turning south, we continued south on an obvious path to reach the cairn marking the summit of Reston Scar. In the Carlo manuel of fell walking cows are to be avoided whenever possible, to do this we crossed the fence at an appropriate stile to follow the fence on the Staveley side, the views are actually better from this path, we descended to the main path at the other end of the field, a good track lead down to Staveley and the delights of Wilf's Cafe.

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Ascending to Black Crag with views over the Kent valley to Brunt Knott.

To the south Craggy Plantation.

Rising above the Kent valley Brunt Knott and Potter Fell.

Ascend higher and even better views tilt into sight, between the slopes of Ravenscare Plantation and Craggy Plantation the wide expanse of the Kent valley stretches to the south.

Craggy Plantation as viewed over the Kent valley.

On Black Crag with a wonderful view over Kendal taking in Benson Knott and the Barbon High Fells.

The summit Black Crag.

The summit of Black Crag provides a fine view point, looking to the head of Kentmere.

On Black Crag with a wonderful view to the south.

Descending Black Crag looking to the blue/grey hills at the head of Great Langdale.

The summit Reston Scar, not the perfect view but I was trying to avoid all the people.

Viewing the Brunt Knott skyline.

In the distance Coniston Old Man as seen over Ings in the valley of the River Gowan.

Stretching across the eastern skyline the rolling summits of the Howgill Fells.

Views down to Staveley.

Sue descends between dry stone walls, she's not waiting for me, Wilf's Cafe next stop.

While I stop to photograph the weir at Barley Bridge Sue's half way to Wilf's.

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