Prince Charlie's Cave.

Start. Elgol

Route. Elgol - Suidhe nan Eun - Suidhe Biorach - Prince Charlie's Cave - Port an Luig Mhoir - Suidhe Biorach - Suidhe nan Eun Elgol.

Notes. Following his flight across the island Bonnie Prince Charlie ate his last meal and spent his final night on Skye hidden in a cave at the tip of Strathaird, hosted by the McKinnon Clan before sailing to Morer. This short walk starts from the small crofting, fishing community of Elgol, famous for it's staggering views of the Cuillin Hills. You may as well join us, don your boots it's boggy in places, grab some sandwiches for it's a stunning Isle of Skye day, you won't be disappointed.

From the harbour car park a rough trod climbs the cliff, we followed this, it soon gave way to boggy paths, onward we walked keeping the cliff edge to our right. The views were stunning, back to the Cuillin, across the sea to Soay, Canna and Rum with it's persistent crown of cloud. We took a short detour around a geo- a deep sea inlet before reaching Suidhe Biorach (Pointed Seat), folk law tells us childless women who sit on this overhanging grassy top will soon bear children. As we're to old for that we continued to Port an Luig Mhoir, descended to the boulder strewn beach to hunt for the cave. To be honest it was quite elusive, there was so many nooks and crannies, caves and crevices I hadn't a clue which it was, all I knew, it was only accessible at extreme low water, as the tide was flowing we made a hasty exit.

After boulder hopping across the bay we ascended through a defile cut by the Allt Luig Mhoir, once above the cliffs we started our return journey, re-tracing our steps of earlier. Once back in Elgol we grabbed a quick snack before heading into the Cuillin on board the Bella Jane, which is more than Charles Edward Stuart was able to do, when he left these shores it was for the rest of his life.

Let me apologize before we start, whilst traversing the coast it seemed a good idea to take lots of photos of the Small Isles, Soay, Canna, Rum and Eigg, once back home I feel the need to name them which was quite easy at the time, so for those who know the Isles well I apologize for mixing them up. for those of you who don't just enjoy the views.

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A Moody day in the Cuillin Hills, view taken from the small beach at Elgol.

Viewing Rum from the cliffs just south of Elgol.

Wrapped in swirling cloud, Sgurr an Eag and Sgurr Choire Bhig with the darker island of Soay to the left.

Looking to Eigg.

Looking to Rum with it's ever present mantel of cloud.

Wonderful rock architecture along the Strathaird coast.

Amazing views over Loch Scavaig.

Approaching port an Luig Mhoir looking to the Small Isles.

In search of Prince Charlie's Cave.

From the boulder strewn beach at Port an Luig Mhoir views to Eigg.

Just off the coast, Eilean na h-Airde.

A wonderful vista back along the coast.

It's head in cloud Rum.

Looking down on the northern edge of Port an Luig Mhoir, I'm presuming the cave half way up the cliff face in the centre is Prince Charlie's Cave, if I'm wrong please feel free to let me know.

Drinking in the view to the west.

Under leaden skies, the Cuillin.

The scattered community of Elgol.

Wonderful views to the mighty Cuillin.

Looking to Camasunary Bay dwarfed by the rugged heights of the Cuillin.

Loch Scavaig and the ravine cliffs and petrified rock of the Cuillin Hills.

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