Potter Fell from Garnett Bridge.

Start. Garnett Bridge.

Route. Garnett Bridge - Cocks Close - Nether House Farm - Black Beck - Gurnal Dubs - Potter Fell - Ulgraves - Potter Fell - Low Taggleshaw - Birk Rigg - East View - Garnett Bridge.

Notes. Wasn't I fortunate this morning, I was working, it was raining, didn't that make me feel good, weekends should be for walking, I hope my boss reads this he just doesn't understand. By the time I got home it was fine, a quick look at the map and I was heading to Garnett Bridge at the mouth of the Longsleddale valley, my destination Potter Fell.

Garnett Bridge is a delightful little hamlet built on the banks of the River Sprint, once proud to boast a bobbin mill now private housing. I parked on the Garnett Bridge Road (the single track road leading to Burneside) opposite a footpath sign giving directions to Potter Fell and Gurnal Dubs, I followed the arrow ascending up the field to reach a bridleway heading into Longsleddale, this I followed leaving Potter Fell for later. My route took me north into the valley with Ulgraves and Potter Fell rising to my left, Longsleddale stretching out before me it was a delightful walk in, Nether House Farm soon came into view. On reaching the farm buildings my route turned left, a sign read "alternate route avoiding stock grazing", on a way marked path my ascent began, steep at first then considerably easier, this gradual ascent lead me over marshy ground passing a small tarn, followed by the remains of farm buildings, eventually to reach and cross a ladder stile. After turning left I gingerly picked my way over boggy ground along the edge of a wall to reach a step stile. I crossed this, my intention was to follow the wall, it was very wet, I made my way to higher ground, striding over heather and marsh grass, crabbing from sheep track to sheep track eventually stumbling across the land rover track to Gurnal Dubs, before making my descent. I felt a short diversion was called for, Ulgraves may be one of Lakeland's lesser heights but commands some outstanding views over Longsleddale. Retracing my steps to Gurnal Duds my descent was made on a good track between rusty fencing then dry stone walls, when the track swung south a finger post pointed the way, descending through fields passing the remains of East View Farm to reach the road and the waiting car.

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From the fields below Carl Crag views to the small hamlet of Garnett Bridge.

Small but perfectly formed unnamed tarn passed en route, it looked like it was home to some rather large fish.

The tarn above Nether House Farm looking north.

Whiteside Pike seen across Longsleddale.

A stunning panorama taking in the Howgill and Middleton Fells.

The wonderful view to the south, behind Kendal Fell it's just possible to make out Arnside Knott and the Kent Estuary.

The summit Ulgraves with views up Longsleddale.

On Ulgraves enjoying stunning views down the Kent Valley.

Over Longsleddale the Whinfell Ridge.

On Potter Fell looking to Gurnal Dubs.

Standing stone on Potter Fell probably an old boundary marker.

Under cloud the Coniston massif.

The start of my descent looking back with regret to Potter Fell.

Descending with views to the Howgill Fells.

Views down the Kent Valley taking in the grey buildings of Kendal town.

Whitbarrow Scar seen over Kendal Fell.

The gentle slopes of Benson Knott rising from the Kent Valley.

As the track swings to the east I'm graced with even better views to the Whinfell and Howgill Fells.

Looking to the rolling summits of the Whinfell Ridge.

Exploring the remains of Nether House Farm.

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