Over Todd Crag.

Start. Ambleside.

Route. Ambleside - Rothay Park - Miller Bridge - Brow Head - Todd Crag - Brow Head - Miller Bridge - Rothay Park - Ambleside.

Notes. Still on the hunt for Lakeland's lesser heights I found myself heading for a rocky crag overlooking the head of Windermere Lake, for the sake of argument lets call it Todd Crag, as that's what I have always known it, if you look on the map the named crag is slightly west overlooking Elter Water. Sandwiched between the rivers Brathay and Rothay this line of insignificant bumps hides it's secret well, for if you approach from the north as I did the real good views will be hidden until the very end. The length of Windermere once seen never forgotten, believe me when I say this won't be your only visit.

I left Ambleside via Rothay Park and Miller Bridge, after crossing a cattle grid a finger post announced I'd reached a public bridleway, up the hill I climbed, over tarmac at first passing the tastefully converted farm buildings on Miller Brow before the track got rougher, climbing steadily I soon passed through a gate allowing access to the open fell. A green path branched off to my left, this I followed, ascending to a small unnamed tarn on a coll, here I got my first view south, Black Crag and Claife Heights across the Brathay valley, a hint of views to come, further south almost hidden Windermere Lake, in the foreground the chisel like crown of rock that is Todd Crag, my next stop.

I took my leave from the coll, on good paths I made my way to the wedge of rock in the foreground, a few photo's before I descended crossing a patch of boggy ground to access the next row of crags, a short easy scramble up a gully followed before the curtain was lifted, the main event, the view down Windermere Lake was quite indescribable, mouth-watering would be an understatement, this was a place to linger. I casually traversed this row of rocky fingers, hands in pockets for I was in no hurry, all too soon I reached a ladder stile that marked the start of my descent north, fording a small stream before descending to a footbridge. A short walk through woodland followed before I stepped onto the tarmac again at Miller Brow.

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Stock Ghyll tumbles through Rothay Park.

Seen from Miller Bridge the hills surrounding and closing Rydal, Heron Pike and Great Rigg leading to Fairfield, to the right High and Low Pikes.

Miller Bridge spans the River Rothay at the western edge of Rothay Park, not the original bridge, that was swept away in the great flood of 1884 as were all the bridges on the river, the mill owner who needed access to the mill ordered his gardeners to construct a new one, this was built within a week.

Viewing Nab Scar from the ascent of Miller Brow.

Seen from Brow Head Farm, High Pike leading to Rydal Head.

Just below the intake wall with stunning views across the Vale of the River Rothay, in sunlight and shade High Pike and the Scandale face of Red Screes.

On a wonderful day, wonderful views to Red Screes with the shadowed summit of Ill Bell on the far horizon.

On a lovely path ascending to an unnamed coll, looking back to Lanty Scar backed by the Fairfield Horseshoe.

One unnamed tarn with views to Black Crag and Claife Heights.

My first view of Windermere Lake, in the foreground Todd Crag.

Dominating the view to the west Wetherlam and the Coniston massif.

Wonderful views over the slopes of Ivy Crag taking in the jagged skyline of the Crinkle Crags.

Seen from Todd Crag, Wansfell Pike.

A promise of things to come, I'm about to scramble up a narrow gully to the left (out of shot), don't worry if you could prize your granny out of her wheelchair she could get up it, if you're not so sure there is several paths further to the left.

This is what you get for your money, stunning views down Windermere Lake.

The Whitewashed buildings of Ambleside forever in the shadow of Wansfell Pike.

On Todd Crag with a wonderful panorama over Rydal and Scandale, some of the hills from left to right, Rydal Head leading to Hart Crag, in shadow High Pike and the Scandale slopes of Red Pike with the two humps of Little Hart Crag closing the head of the valley.

The blue/grey skyline of Langdale clearly seen over Loughrigg Fell.

Before starting my descent another look down Windermere Lake.

Looking to Froswick and Ill Bell over Ambleside with the Church of St Mary dominating the town.

The Church of St Mary seen across Rothay Park with Wansfell Pike rising behind.

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