Over Scout Scar.

Start. Kirkbarrow.

Route. Kirkbarrow - Brigsteer Road - Bradleyfield - Helsington Barrows- Scout Scar - Gamblesmire Lane - Underbarrow Road - Greenside - Kirkbarrow.

Notes. My darling daughter's acquired one of those things with teeth at one end and a tail the other, she's called Marley and leaves deposits all over the garden (the dog not my daughter). I was ordered to take the beast a walk after work. When I arrived to do said favour Kirsten was at home, so the trio of us set out from her house in an attempt to conquer Scout Scar before dark. If Kirsten walked as fast as she talked the task should have proved easy, unfortunately it wasn't, we had to bale out at the half way point.

From Kirsten's home we made our way onto Brigsteer Road ascending a steep hill before the road bridge carried us across Kendal bypass, ignoring the first footpath on the right we continued to the next, invited by a finger-post to leave the road we obliged. After traversing Kendal Racecourse then Bradleyfield a metal kissing gate allowed us access to Helsington Barrows, after passing through said gate we turned right leaving the main path, in the company of a dry stone wall we made our ascent through a landscape of limestone scars and stunted vegetation. The trig point on Scout Scar welcomed us with timeless views over Lyth Valley, a shimmering upper Kent Estuary and a rolling skyline of Lakeland peaks.

We turned north passing through a gap in the wall before letting the row of limestone cliffs christened Scout Scar guide us to Underbarrow Road, en route passing Hodgson's Lead famous for it's ghost, then a feature known locally as the Mushroom before descending to the road, we crossed before entering a small cops guardian of a radio transmitter. On we walked to a wall corner, here we stepped into green fields, it was quite dark by now, at the next finger-post we bailed out turning right along Gamblesmire Lane, a short wander down hill saw us pass through a field gate before accessing Underbarrow Road. With tarmac under our boot soles we wandered back to Kendal.

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As we leave the housing behind, a view to Benson Knott rising above the Kent Valley.

Traversing Kendal Racecourse.

View taken from the path through Bradleyfield, Benson Knott and the Whinfell ridge.

Ascending through Helsington Barrows with stunning views to the south.

Nearing the summit of Scout Scar with a wonderful panorama over The Helm to the Middleton and Barbon High Fells.

Rising high above Kendal, the Howgill Fells.

A hazy view to the hills of Bowland.

Viewing Benson Knott over Bradleyfield.

Kirsten and the dog, oh dear, I've just been informed they're coming on holiday with us next year, "enjoying your walk Dad".

From the summit evening views over Lyth Valley.

A glimpse of Morecambe Bay.

From Hodgson's Leap views to Arnside Knott.

Striding out on the path above the scars, looking to the Lake District skyline.

Timeless views across Lythe Valley.

Striding out above cliffs once washed by salt water, looking to the High Street massif.

Adventures for another day, Arnside Knott and the Arnside/Silverdale peninsula.

Looking back to the Mushroom.

A winter sunset over Whitbarrow.

Viewing Cunswick Scar.

Darkness has crept over our shoulders, here we have a view south down Kendal bypass.

Down Greenside.

Greenside Lime Kiln, imagine this small corner of town in the early eighteenth century, this is one of five lime ovens that burned on this site, lime was sledded into town to be transported south by canal boat.

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