Orrest Head

Start. Windermere.

Route. Windermere - Windermere Hotel - Elleray Bank - Orrest Head - Windermere Hotel - Windermere.

Notes. It's not always about the views, nor the height gained, but it's always about the adventure, especially when you're in the company of Luna May Webster 3¾. As she already knows what smart phones are for, Gran received a call the night before, before I had any say what so ever I was volunteered to drive, that was that.

This short family ramble started in a lay-by just up the road from the Windermere Hotel, there's a parking limit but two hours should see us up and down. We wandered passed the hotel to access the Orrest Head path, quite a large sign announced “Orrest Head 784ft above sea level, unrivalled views of the Lakeland Fells, Lake Windermere, Morecambe Bay and the Pennines, 20 minutes to the top”, so off we went into a grey Lakeland day.

Way marked paths ushered us up the hill, short legs soon reached the summit, the views zilch, as seems to be the norm this winter, the cloud was low, the scene grey but we had jolly good fun getting there. After spending some time on the summit we descended to the south swinging north at a dry stone wall, the wall guided us to the kissing gate we passed through earlier, we descended through woodland to a carving of the Gruffalo, at this must stop spot in the woods we stopped before following a lane to the left, this guided us back into Windermere.

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What more do you need to know, well in 1930 a 23 year old Alfred Wainwright climbed this hill, it changed his life forever spawning the beginning of a 15 year quest to produce the Pictoral Guides, a series of little guide books, a masterpiece, it's now 2019 and Luna May Webster 3¾ is on the summit, I wonder if there's any artistic talent on offer.

Between moss covered dry stone walls en route to Orrest Head.

"come on Gran we can do this"

Above Elleray Bank looking over a grey Lakeland.

Off route but she thought she might climb the stile.

The summit Orrest Head with a hazy view over Windermere Lake.

Mother and daughter on a grey overcast day.

A family snap excluding me, Roo with the hair, I'm jealous, Kirsten, Luna and Gran.

Descending through the woods....

....oh no it's the Gruffalo.

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