North from Silverdale return through Arnside Knott Wood.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - The Lots - Silverdale Cove - Far Arnside - Park Point - Arnside Point - White Creek - New Barns Caravan Park - New Barns Bay - Copridding Wood - Arnside Knott Wood - Arnside Tower - Eaves Wood - Pepper Pot - Elmslack - Cove Road, Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. A blistering hot day, a day to take it easy, it was too hot to put all my efforts into attacking one of Lakeland's many fine mountains, I hung around the garden until early afternoon before deciding a sea breeze fit the bill perfect. That's how I came to be in Silverdale, stepping out of the car into heat and humidity, the sea breeze that tempted me to the coast had succumb to the afternoon heat, I was here so decided to see how far I could walk before suffering heat exhaustion, I'm not kidding, it was that hot.

I left Silverdale via The Lots, destination Silverdale Cove, there I decided to follow the coast. Under limestone cliffs I wandered, over estuary mud and shingle beaches, passed caves cut by wave action. On reaching the road I took to melting tarmac for the short walk to Far Arnside, once through the tiny hamlet of whitewashed buildings I joined the coastal path once more. Above limestone cliffs with stunning vistas over the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay I wandered, at Park Point I descended to the beach, gorgeous walking all the way to White Creek where I entered New Barns Caravan Park, at the entrance to said park stands the Bob In Café, I crossed the threshold and immediately raided the ice cream freezer.

Once refreshed the concrete access lane guided me along the edge of the New Barns Bay, tarmac took over as I left the coast, almost immediately a finger-post invited me to Arnside Knott, a metal kissing gate allowed access to Copridding Wood, after ascending through not so cool woodland the path deposited me on the main trod across the shoulder of Arnside Knott. I turned right, with way-marked paths to guide me I descended to Arnside Tower. Dominating the high ground to the east of the tower, sylvan Castlebarrow home to Eaves Wood, a ladder stile allowed access, I crossed, turned left then let a dry stone wall guide me along the edge of Middlebarrow Wood, up a number of low crags the path ushered me, across limestone scars through stunted vegitation I traversed to be greeted by a stile allowing access to Eaves Wood. I crossed then turned right, I had an acquaintance to meet, an old friend, the Pepper Pot. My route then passed through Elmslack, way-marked paths guided me between exclusive properties to access Cove Road where I re-joined my outward route through The Lots.

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Traversing The Lots looking to the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

Viewing Humphrey Head from the gravel bank at Silverdale Cove.

The Silverdale Coast, the jagged edge where woodland and pastoral land meets the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

Viewing Silverdale Cove and the woodland above Red Rake.

About to descend to the beach, please take heed of the sign, the bay is exactly what it says and catches many people out.

Wonderful views over the quicksands and hidden channels of Morecambe Bay.

The long finger of Humphrey Head seen from the coastal path near Park Point.

Sylven Hampsfell viewed over upper Morecambe Bay.

From Park Point a view across baking hot sand to the Newton Fells and the limestone cliffs of Meathop Fell.

Looking along the riven edge where the salt water and sand of Morecambe Bay meets the limestone cliffs of the Silverdale/Arnside coast.

Hampsfell as seen from White Creek.

The shingle bank at White Creek looking to Blackstone Point.

I've just left the Bob In Café, I promised myself no pictures of the Kent Viaduct, here's one for good luck.

Arnside Tower Farm and the tower itself backed by Eaves Wood.

The remains of Arnside Tower.

Back in The Lots looking to the fishermens cottages on the edge of Silverdale Bay, with Know Hill to the left and on the far horizon the twin towers of Heysham Power Station.

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