North from Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Silverdale Cove - Far Arnside - Park Point - Blackstone Point - New Barns - Copridding Wood - Arnside Knott - Arnside Tower - Elmslack - Silverdale Cove - Silverdale.

Notes. My afternoon started in a blustery Silverdale, a strong wind blowing across the bay, hopefully it will keep the rain off. I followed the path through The Lots descending Red Rake to reach the shingle beach at Silverdale Cove, turning my back on the sea for the moment I made my way up Cove Road, at the end of the lane I turned left then right into Holgates Caravan Site, with finger posts pointing the way I crossed Holgates to enter fields en route to Far Arnside and the coast. I followed the coast path striding out above limestone cliffs before descending to the beach, rounding Park Point and Blackstone Point to reach New Barns Bay, where I ascended through Copridding Wood my destination Arnside Knott. I left Arnside Knott heading in a southerly direction descending to a gate before turning left to follow a good bridle way to Silverdale Road, I crossed the road to follow the lane opposite, my obvious target Arnside Tower resting on a grassy knoll above Arnside Tower Farm, from the tower I again entered Holgates to gain access to the path leading to Elmslack, after the first buildings a finger post pointed the way, Silverdale Cove, I followed this path then Cove Road back to the shingle beach from where I made my way back along the shore.

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Striding out through The Lots with views to Arnside Park and Grange-over-Sands.

Looking to Arnside Knott to be climbed later.

Over the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay, Humphrey Head.

Limestone scenery along the Silverdale Coast.

Heysham Power Stations across the limitless divide of Morecambe Bay.

On the cliff path with a stunning view as far as Humphrey Head.

Views back to Silverdale with Know End Point reaching out into the bay.

At Park Point with a humbling view to the southeast.

From the sands near White Creek views to the sylvan slopes of Hampsfell.

As seen from White Creek, Arnside Knott.

Hampsfell seen from the ascent through Copridding Wood.

Seen from the view indicator on Arnside Knott a wonderful view over Arnside Park.

On the summit of Arnside Knott with a breath-taking view to the Middleton and Barbon High Fells.

Above the eastern scree slopes on Arnside Knott with an endless view across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

From the path to Elmslack views back to Arnside Knott.

Big skies over Silverdale.

Looking to Red Rake from the beach at Silverdale Cove.

Silverdale Cave almost perfectly round, natural or man made? who knows.

The view north taking in Arnside Park with Silverdale Cove and Cave to the right.

A timeless view across the bay, magic.

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