North from Arnside return over Arnside Moss.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Arnside Station - Sandside - Haverbrack Fell - Cockshot Lane - Underlaid Wood - Beetham Fell - Slack Head - Dollywood Lane - Hazelslack - Arnside Moss - Black Dyke Road - Arnside.

Notes. A wet start to the day saw me hankered down at home, like the coward I am hoping the rain would stop, a break in the weather tempted me out of my lair, I found myself in Arnside with no idea where I was heading. I sniffed the air, decided south smelt sweet then went north. Today I would follow coastal paths, before letting finger-posts guide my back through coppice woodland, the best I could manage for high ground was the 341ft high sylvan Beetham Fell, no views just a stunning walk through fresh green woodland.

As I set out from Arnside you could feel moisture in the air, heavy thunder showers washing South Lakeland clean, I wandered on, a little bubble of sunlight acting like a window to the violent world just over a mile across the bay. After crossing the foot-bridge at Arnside railway station the old Arnside/Hincaster track bed guided me north, easy walking all the way to Sandside where I joined the roadside pavement. With tarmac under foot I wandered on, rounding the corner opposite the Ship Inn the first finger-post of the day came into view, I stepped onto the narrow footpath leading to a tarmac lane, I turned left to be met by another way-mark, scribed on the arrow a promise to guide me to Yan's Lane. Into coppice woodland I ascended almost immediately turning left, forsaking the path to Yan's Lane in favour of one following the fence line guarding the cliffs of Sandside Quarry. The good path carried me up hill to join the path traversing Haverbrack Fell, no finger-post here, I turned right descending to a path junction. Raised high on a wooden post another arrow announced I'd reached the paths to Storth and Cockshot Lane, I followed the muddy path through woodland to Cockshot Lane where a narrow stile allowed access to said lane.

Fifty yards south yet another direction indicator greeted me, Slack Head and Hazelslack, the route to Hazelslack passes the Fairy Steps, today I would avoid the narrow cleft in the limestone cliffs of Whin Scar in favour of Slack Head and the traverse of Beetham Fell. Through Underlaid Wood I wandered, a wide track guided me over sylvan Beetham Fell before depositing me onto the tarmac lane linking Beetham to Slack Head, up the hill I walked turning right at the top. Through the exclusive neighbourhood of Slack Head I walked, when I started descending Dollywood Lane emerged from my right, I knew this was Dollywood Lane as the finger-post told me so. I continued between dry stone walls and hedge rows, the half mile along this lane was a delight, unfortunately the lane ended abruptly at Hazelslack, you guessed it, a finger-post promised I'd reached the path to Arnside. I followed it's instructions, in the shadow of Hazelslack Tower, another etched arrow directed me through cow pastures, this permissive path guided me passed caravans then over a couple of narrow stiles to reach Carr Bank Lane, I crossed the narrow lane to access Arnside Moss, a short walk over the moss followed before crossing the railway line to access Black Dyke Road, all that remained a short walk over tarmac back to the patiently waiting car.

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Near Arnside Railway Station looking to Haverbrack Fell.

Dark skies over Whitbarrow, as seen from Sandside.

South down the estuary viewing Arnside and the Kent Viaduct.

About to step onto the path heading to Yan's Lane.

I left the path to Yan's Lane after about fifty yards to follow this path along the fence line guarding Sandside Quarry.

Whitbarrow and the upper Kent Estuary as seen over Sandside Quarry.

Looking to Faulshaw Moss, the Newton Fells and the blue/grey hills of the Coniston massif.

The sign reads Slack Head and Hazelslack, it was Slack Head for me, hopefully Hazelslack later.

My route over sylvan Beetham Fell.

Hutton Roof Crags seen from Slack Head.

Public Byway, Dollywood Lane, an exquisite half mile ramble.

Pastures off Dollywood Lane.

Seen from Dollywood Lane, Arnside Knott peers over the tree tops.

Rambling along Dollywood Lane.

West over Silverdale Moss.

The scattered community of Carr Bank seen from the crossing of Arnside Moss.

Looking north down one of the drainage ditches, without which my crossing would be much wetter.

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