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Start. Natland.

Route. Natland - Hawes Bridge - Wilson Place - Low Park Caravan Site - Hawes Bridge - Natland.

Notes. The Lake Districts had a real good soaking the last couple of days, yesterday 19th November I waded down to Hawes Bridge to see how high the river actually was, it was high. A rather pleasant phone call from work followed, "under no circumstances try to come in tonight", so this morning I went back down to the river for a short wander along it's muddy banks.

I would have parked at Hawes Bridge but there was a foot of water where the small car park should have been, I left the car in Natland instead. From Natland I made my way over the tarmac of Hawes Lane descending into the gorge spanned by Hawes Bridge, the river level was considerably lower than yesterday, I was a bit deflated, that meant I'd have to go into work tonight. I made my way through the fields on the east bank of the river getting as close to the river as was safe, wandering through waterlogged fields and flooded bridleways I soon reached the footbridge at Wilson Place. I crossed to make my way back along the other bank, striding out through old gunpowder workings before following the mill race north, across wet fields to enter Hawes Wood. A short wet walk through Hawes Wood saw me back in Hawes Lane en route to Natland.


Near Crowpark Bridge looking to Larkrigg Hill.

This is yesterday (19th November) at Hawes Bridge, I don't think I'm exaggerating if I said the water under the far arch will be around 40ft deep.

From Hawes Bridge views down stream, the pile of sticks and rubbish to the left marks the water level yesterday.


Hawes Bridge.

There's still a torrent of water running through the gorge but who'd of thought the river could drop this much over night.

Another view, from the small cops on the east bank.

And again, the same view yesterday.

High above the gorge with views down stream.

The river exits Natland Gorge.

Views across the river, I needed to make a decision, would the path on the far bank be safe, at this point the answer was yes.

From a disused quarry views upstream.

Looking to Robin Hoods Wood from the bridleway to Wilson Place.

My crossing point. the footbridge at Wilson Place.

Looking to Wilson Place.

Seen from the footbridge, Low Park Wood.

The view down stream.

Old mill buildings at the entrance to Low Park Caravan Site.

Autumn colours on the path through Low Park Wood.

My route follows the old race, passing the scattered remains of the New Sedgwick Gunpowder Works.

The river above Robin Hoods Island.

Feeder stream once supplied power to drive the waterwheel at the New Sedgwick Gunpowder Works.

Ascending Hawes Lane looking across the swollen River Kent to Prizet House.

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