Mellon Udrigle Beach Circuit.

Start. Mellon Udrigle.

Route. Mellon Udrigle - Mellon Udrigle Beach (Camas a' Charraig) - Meall Leac an Fhaodhair - Rubha Beag - Allt Loch a Choire - Mellon Udrigle.

Notes. Our guide book promised the best low level view point in the whole of Scotland, from the white sands of Mellon Udrigle beach (Camas a Charaig) fine vistas across the sea to Assynt, gracing the horizon Suilven, Coigach and An Teallach, maybe even Stac Pollaidh on a good day. Unfortunately this was a day of sunshine and storm, lots of them washing the landforms of Assynt clean.

After parking on the car park at Mellon Udrigle we casually made our way over the wooden walkway that leads to the beach, a wonderful sweep of white sand gently sloping into a turquoise ocean greeted us, small wavelets whispered a welcome as we wandered along the waters edge, this was a place to linger, one of the nicest beaches I think I have ever set foot on, and not another soul in sight. Dark cloud sweeping across the horizon deposited lots of rain on the mountains of Assynt as we made our way north to join a grassy track skirting the shoreline. Passed Loch Dubh na Maoil we wandered before leaving the track to ascend Meall Leac an Fhabhair, the view from the summit cairn was superb, out to sea the Summer Isles backed by the mountains of Coigach and Suilven. The short descent that followed took us passed Geodhachan Tharailt, a lovely rocky bay before the ascent to the cairned summit of Meall na Creige Moire and yet more wonderful views. We descended to the shore of Allt Loch a Choire to be met by the ruins of a deserted croft, obviously the remains of a small settlement that once eked an existence from land and sea. It was once serviced by a well made track running from Mellon Udrigle, which was in exceptional good condition, this track we followed through a landscape of old peat cuttings overgrown with heather, dry under foot it made for easy walking all the way back.

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Looking northeast towards the Summer Isles from the beach at Mellon Udrigle.

Heavy weather sweeps across Gruinard Bay.

Wandering along the tide line listening to the whispering waters of Gruinard Bay.

From the beach at Mellon Udrigle views to a rain washed AnTeallach.

Camas a' Charraig to give it it's Gaelic name.

The threat of a storm, heavy showers pass behind Gruinard Island.

Ascending Meall Leac an Fhaodlhair looking to Loch Dubh na Maoil.

Taking in the view from the summit of Meall Leac an Fhaodhair with the beach at Mellon Udrigle to the right.

Yours truly on the summit of Meall Leac an Fhaodhair with the Summer Isles behind.

Wonderful views north across Gruinard Bay.

Trapped in time, resting in a hollow amidst heather and peat bog Loch Dubh na Maoil.

With heavy weather washing the west coast of Scotland, this small hill is a wonderful place to watch the drama unfold.

Across Geadhachan Tharailt the low cliffs of Rubha Beag.

Looking back to Meall Leac an Fhaodhair from the summit of Rubha Beag.... may be low in stature but the views are spectacular.

Guarded by high peaks and steep cliffs the mouth of Little Loch Broom.

Camas Rainich as seen from the descent of Rubha Beag.

Gracing the skyline, seen over Allt Loch Choire, Rubha Mor.

A scattering of stones, a few ruined walls, this was once some ones home, a family scraping a living from the land and sea.

Our route back to Mellon Udrigle.

Viewing Camas Rainich and the white washed cottages of Opinan.

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