Meall Tuath.

Start. Car Park (Sulsta Road).

Route. Car Park - Sheep Fanks - Eriscon - Meall Beas - Meall Tuath - Sheep Fanks - Car Park.

Notes. Meall Tuath means north hill, this walk took us to the northern most tip of Skye, it may only be 400ft high but it's the best place on the island to view whales and dolphins, I've never been to the edge of the world but I would imagine this is what it looks like. What appeared on the map to be a tedious moorland slog turned out to be a walk through the pages of history, back to a time when Crofting was the main form of income in Scotland, back to a time before the Crofters where thrown off their land to be replaced by the more profitable sheep.

Before taking to the moors we visited the remains of Duntulm Castle reported to be the most haunted castle in Scotland, it is possible to start the walk from here, we opted to drive a mile to the east, there's a small park near the public phone box at the junction with the Shulsta road. We crossed the cattle grid to follow a way marked path parallel to the fence line before turning north at a sheep fank (pens), from here the path lead us into the obvious gap between Meall Deas and Meall Tuath, to the left of the gap can be found an energetic scramble, 300ft under the cliffs of Meall Tuath to the Hunish, our intention was to descend the cliffs here but as you will see from the photos the wind was so strong we opted to explore the two summits instead, leaving the cliffs behind we headed south along the the rolling summit of Meall Tuath to re-trace our steps back to the car.

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The fairytale remains of Duntulm Castle.

Bog-hopping across the moors looking back to Trotternish.

The path passes this strange feature, I haven't a clue what it was.

Above the long dead crofting community of Eriscon a sad reminder of a past way of life.

Eriscon, look closely you can clearly see the remains of several small croft's.

Sue with views down to Loch Hunish.

This is one of those ferrets up your pants moments, it was at this point we decided the scramble down to Hunish may be too dangerous.

Hunish the northern most tip of Skye.

On the ascent of Meall Deas views to the Shiant Islands.

Look closely to where the sky meets the sea, you can just make out the Outer Hebrides.

Nearing the summit of Meall Deas looking north.

On the summit of Meall Deas with views to Duntulm Bay and the island of Tulm.

The Lookout a Bothy at the edge of the world, well it felt like that, it's actually the summit of Meall Tuath.

Sue soaks up the views while deciding if she should bring a sleeping bag on our next visit.

At a guess I'd say the Lookout was an old coastguard station.

On the edge of Hunish the old port of Lag a' Bhliodhainn

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