High Street from Patterdale.

Start. Patterdale.

Route. Patterdale - Goldrill Bridge - Boredale Hause - Dubhow Brow - Angle Tarn - Buck Crag - Satura Crag - Straits of Riggindale - High Street - Short Stile - Straits of Riggindale - The Knott - Hayeswater - Hartsop - Calf Close - Angletarn Beck - Dubhow - Beckstones - Crookabeck - Goldrill Bridge - Patterdale.

Notes. “Some of my best days on the hill have started with weather like this”, I told myself rather unconvincingly as I drove through rain, sleet and snow, it was still dark, I could hardly make out the grey ribbon of tarmac that was guiding me into the Lake District. I sat in the car squinting through rain soaked windows, like brooding witches the fells to the east beckoned me into their cold embrace, sod it I slipped £4.50 into the parking machine, the instant I pressed the button the lights came on, a quite magical moment.

From the car park I wandered south along the main road, passed the Patterdale Hotel and the White Lion Inn to access a tarmac lane on the left, this lane shepherded me to the intake wall where a gate allowed access to the fell side, I passed through said gate to start the steep ascent to Boredale Hause. Many paths meet at Boredale Hause, a real mountain cross-roads. I opted for one heading south, after fording Stonebarrow Gill I joined a good path leading to Angle Tarn, the path continued passed this gem in Lakeland's crown before an easy ascent to Satura Crag. Closing the head of Bannerdale Satura Crag is a much ignored top, passed by most walkers on their way to something bigger, something grander, spend some time exploring amidst the rocky knolls and rivulets if time allows, it will be time well spent. From Satura my route continued, a good path followed the fence line high above the valley of Hayeswater Gill before swinging up hill. Under the steep slopes of The Knott I wandered before crossing the Straits of Riggindale to access High Street, with it's Roman Road this is always a busy summit, today was no exception.

After a short ramble around I followed the eastern edge of the plateau north, enjoying stunning views over Long Stile and Riggindale as I wandered off the hill, I re-traced my steps across the Straits of Riggindale before ascending The Knott. From the summit cairn I descended allowing the dry stone wall to guide me to my ascent path which I abandoned after only two hundred yards. Picking my way over grass I descended to the outflow of Hayeswater (soon to have the plug removed), a stoney track continued down the hill. With the many voices of Hayeswater Gill for company I continued my descent alighting into the car park at Hartsop, a delightful hamlet in delectable surroundings, only a few yards over tarmac saw me join the footpath that was to guide me back to Patterdale. I was soon striding through Calf Close Wood, fording Angletarn Beck in the shadow of spectacular water falls. I wandered passed the ruins of Dubhow before passing through Beckstones and Crookabeck Farms to re-join my outward route near Rookings, all that remained a short walk over tarmac back into Patterdale village and refreshments in the White Lion Inn.

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Goldrill Beck looking north.

Looking to Arnison Crag with Birks under a light dusting of the white stuff.

Across Patterdale the valley of Deepdale backed by Hartsop above How.

Early morning views to the head of Patterdale, under snow Coudale Moor and Red Screes.

Gain a little height and the views get better, seen over the head of Ullswater, Sheffield Pike and Hart Side.

I'm looking north along the length of Boredale to a sunlit Hallin Fell.

Seen over Boredale Hause, Place Fell.

Seen from near Dubhow Grag, Coudale Moor with fingers of sunlight dancing across the steep slopes of Hartsop Dodd.

A wonderful view to the head of Patterdale taking in Brothers Water and the pass of Kirkstone.

It's a real icing sugar day on the hills today, under cloud mighty Helvellyn with St Sunday Crag to the left.

A gem in Lakeland's crown, Angle Tarn.

Buck Crag across Angle Tarn with Brock Crag one of my favourite tops far right.

Views down Bannerdale to Martindale, the principle features being the wonderful Steel Knotts ridge backed by Swarth Fell.

Gray Crag seen from near Satura Crag.

Seen from Satura Crag, Hartsop Dodd.

Still on Satura Crag this time looking to Place Fell.

Fording Well Gill looking to the dark slopes of Hartsop above How, Hart Crag and Fairfield.

Looking down to Brothers Water, there's a few deer on the fell side slightly to the right.

Looking back along my ascent route, lonely but beautiful.

Stunning views to the north, to the left The Nab, on the right Steel Knotts backed by the sunlit lowlands of the Eden Valley.

The summit High Street.

Dappled light on the Riggindale face of Kidsty Pike.

Views over Riggindale Crag and Long Stile, closing the head of the Haweswater valley, also guarding the pass of Gatescarth Harter Fell and Branstree.

Hayeswater guarded by the steep slopes of High Street and Thornthwaite Crag.

Hayeswater Gill and the valley of Pasture Bottom.

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