Heathwaite and Arnside Park.

Start. Silverdale Road near Arnside Tower.

Route. Silverdale Road - Arnside Knott Wood - Heathwaite - Arnside Park - White Creek - Park Point - Far Arnside - Heathwaite - Arnside Knott Wood - Silverdale Road.

Notes. I decided the weather was too nice to ignore, hedge and grass cutting could wait until another time, probably tomorrow, this afternoon would be for walking the woodland and coast at Silverdale and Arnside.

My afternoon started in the shadow of the steep scree slopes of Arnside Knott, I'd parked on Silverdale Road in one of two lay-byes above Arnside Tower. Across the road a gate lead into Arnside Knott Wood, this wonderful path skirts the scree slopes to reach the main bridleway to Arnside, I followed this up hill to where a finger post beckoned the way to Far Arnside, here the main path descended, I passed through the gate but stayed on high ground, on a good path I headed west through mixed woodland with stolen glimpsed across the Silverdale landscape as far as Ingleborough in the east and Clougha Pike above Lancaster, as the path swung north I kept to high ground ignoring all junctions eventually emerging onto the sands at White Creek. The tide was rising fast, I made my way across the beach to ascend the cliffs at Park Point, the shore line guided me to Far Arnside crossing a high shingle bank to reach the caravan site, it was a short walk between the static caravans to reach the village. After passing between the white washed buildings a fingerpost pointed through the field to my left, this I followed ascending Heathwaite to re-trace my steps back through Arnside Knott Wood.

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Rising to the east the unmistakable flat top of Ingleborough seen from the parked car.

Arnside Tower backed by Middlebarrow Wood.

The steep limestone scree slopes of Arnside Knott.

My first view over Morecambe Bay.

From Heathwaite a wonderful view over the Silverdale coast.

Ingleborough seen from Heathwaite.

The whitewashed buildings of Far Arnside await my arrival.

As you traverse Heathwaite you may be walking through dence woodland but every so often a clearing allows stolen views like this one.

On a well used path heading north through Arnside Park.

Taking a breather near Park Point looking to Humphrey Head.

Hampsfell seen across the fast rising waters of Morecambe Bay.

From the sea washed turf at White Creek views to Blackstone Point.

Striding across the sands looking to the power stations at Heysham.

The view back across White Creek taking in Blackstone Point and Meathop Fell.

The shimmering waters of the Irish Sea flood Morecambe Bay.

Reflections at Park Point.

There are wonderful views to be had from the cliff path between Park Point and Far Arnside.

Limestone scenery along the Silverdale coast.

Across the whispering seas of Morecambe Bay Know End Point reaches out into the bay.

The whitewashed buildings at Far Arnside.

Looking to Heathwaite from Far Arnside.

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