Start. Tormaukin Inn, Glen Devon.

Route. Tormaukinn Inn - Blacklinn Bridge - Castlehill Reservoir - Glenquey House - Glenquey - Burnfoot - Tormaukin Inn.

Notes. Back at the Tormaukin Inn early after a visit to Stirling Castle it was decided as the sun was shining to explore Glenquey once more, soak up some of the views on this very different day to the last time we graced the glen.

Road walking is boring so we tackled the round clockwise, getting the tarmac out of the way first. Leaving the Tormaukin Inn we followed the road south crossing the river at Blacklinn Bridge before following the shore of Castlehill Reservoir, opposite a large lay-by a tarmac lane climbs the hill. We ascended on way-marked paths passed Glenquey House then on to the dam wall, a finger-post invited us to cross the glen, we obliged before starting the short walk back. Under the steep slopes of Glenquey Hill we wandered, through young birch woods we strolled before making the short sharp descent to Burnfoot where we joined the river bank path that guided us back to our starting point.

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Blue sky encourages us back into the glen.

Seamab Hill seen over the slopes of Baldmony Knowe.

Views south over Castlehill Reservoir.

Ahead is Borland Glen the hollow between the summit of Ben Thrush and the slopes of White Creich Hill.

Ben Thrush seen over little Linn Hill with it's radio mast.

Seen from near Glenquey House, Tormaukinn backed by the afforested Burnt Hill.

Views taken down Howcleuch Burn.

Dropping into Glenquey, merging with the horizon, Innerdownie.

Winter conditions through Glenquey.

Auchlinsky Hill rising above Glenquey.

Across the divide of Glenquey the afforested slopes of Auchlinsky Hill.

Near Glenquey Farm looking south.

A stunning winter scene over Glenquey Moss, sunlight dances across the slopes of Landrick Hill with Easter Downhill in shadow.

Moody weather haunts the head of the glen.

Wonderful conditions on Easter Downhill.

Under leaden skies Hillfoot Hill and the head of Glenquey.

Sunlight on snow and stormy skies make for a moody image.

Spectacular sweeping panoramas backed by stunning conditions across the Ochil Hills.

Looking up the steep snow covered eastern slopes of Glenquey Hill.

Our route ahead.

The valley head with sunlight catching the edge of the weather front, transforming the cloud into the more appealing fluffy stuff, unlike earlier.

A wonderful play of light on the snow clad flanks of White Creich Hill.

Across the glen, Glenquey House rests in the shadow of Auchlinsky Hill.

Descending into Glen Devon looking east.

The River Devon.

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