Gilbert Scar and Todd Crag.

Start. Ambleside.

Route. Ambleside - Vicarage Road - Rothay Park - Miller Bridge - Under Loughrigg - Miller Brow - Gilbert Scar - Lily Tarn - Todd Crag - Miller Brow - Under Loughrigg - Miller Bridge - Vicarage Road - Ambleside.

Notes. I had some business in Ambleside this morning, so decided to throw my bag and boots in the car just in case the weather improved on the short drive north, a short drive it may have been but the weather had a great deal of improving to do. I stepped from the car into the cold dawn of morning, drizzle and low cloud welcomed me, not to be outdone I laced my boots, threw the bag and camera over my shoulder and headed for the hill. The hill in question, Gilbert Scar better known as Todd Crag, a row of craggy tops with staggering views the length of Windermere Lake.

I'd parked in the main car park so wandered back to Zeffirellis Cinema, next to which Millans Park and Vicarage Road leave the main road, it was the latter that guided me. Between grey slate buildings I strolled passed a 1960s looking Primary School and the Church of St Mary into Rothay Park. With tarmac under foot I continued to the single arch of Miller Bridge, I crossed the river then turned right to access the track that would guide me into the hills. A steep ascent over tarmac followed, on reaching a cluster of buildings on Miller Brow a finger-post invited me to Clappersgate, I obliged ascending a slate stile, this deposited me on a sylvan path. A short stroll through woodland followed to access a wooden foot-bridge, I crossed said bridge before leaving the Clappersgate path to ascend a flight of steps, from the final step a number of paths climb Gilbert Scar, I chose one I thought I hadn't walked before.

The summit welcomed me with grey emulsion, the only view the rocks at my feet, although there was an odd chink in the cloud cover, and the drizzle had stopped, still it didn't look good. Whilst fumbling around in my bag looking for something to eat I sensed something had changed, I glanced up to find the veil had been lifted, the views were staggering, the valleys overflowing with mist, bubbling through high passes and spilling over mountain tops rolling down combs into the valley bottoms, a superb show just for me, as I was the only person there, God was in his heaven and I didn't want to leave. With time against me I picked my way to Todd Crag then continued north to the next craggy outcrop, from this fine vantage point I descended to the main trod cutting across Loughrigg Fell, fighting the urge to continue to the summit I descended the main path back to Ambleside and the affairs of the day.

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The single arch of Miller Bridge.

Sunrise over Waterhead, captured from the lower slopes of Gilbert Scar.

This should be a shot over Windermere Lake, for the moment the views have evaporated into the Lakeland mist.

Seen through diffused light Red Screes.

Traversing the summit of Gilbert Scar looking to High Pike.

The mirrored surface of Windermere Lake captures and reflects the spirit of the sky.

Soaking up views over the mouth of Great Langdale, Black Crag peers over the cloud inversion.

The essence of the sky captured in the still water of Lily Tarn.

The dawn light paints the landscape, Todd Crag under the golden glow of morning.

Morning over Loughrigg Fell.

From the summit of Todd Crag a wonderful view to Black Crag.

Stunning views across Great Langdale.

On the summit of Todd Crag viewing Nab Scar in sunlight and shade.

The stunning view towards Coniston from the rocky pimple of Todd Crag.

Magic views over mist kissed lowlands.

Spectacular views to the head of Langdale, under cloud Wetherlam with Pike of Blisco far right.

Across the skyline the lesser heights bordering Coniston Water, the lake is under the cloud base somewhere.

Ascending to the summit of an un-named rock knoll, my final top before heading down, looking to Wansfell Pike forever guarding Ambleside.

Same top as above looking to Loughrigg Fell....

.... I really don't want to leave.

Ambleside seen over Miller Brow.

The scene over Great Langdale.

Final view from this cluster of craggy tops, I've said this before "days like this prove it doesn't always pay to wait for the sun to shine, some of my best mountain days have started in appalling conditions", you don't win them all but when you do, eureka.

Nab Scar and High Pike seen over the tree lined slopes of Lanty Scar.

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