Findlater Castle from Cullen.

Start. Cullen.

Route. Cullen - Muckle Hythe - Portlong Hythe - Logie Head - Sunnyside Bay - Findlater Castle - Sunnyside Bay - Portlong Hyth - Nelsons View - Cullen.

Notes. Here we are once again in the square in Cullen, we'd decided to attempt a walk we were unable to do last time we visited the Moray, a ramble along the rocky coast to the east of the town, our destination the impressive remains of Findlater Castle. This stronghold is precariously perched 90ft above the crashing waves, clinging to the edge of a lofty detached rock, making it once a quite impregnable fortress, unfortunately this impressive location was unable to keep our norse forefathers at bay, they occupied the castle for some time.

After making our way to the harbour our route was simple, we followed a narrow track east, this good path until the 1970s was used by salmon fishermen, it leads to a small harbour honed out of the coastal rocks in the shadow of Nelson's View, easily missed from the shoreline, better seen from the viewpoint above. With the rising sea to our left and precipitous cliffs our right the route was obvious. We strolled along rocky beaches rounding spectacular headlands, all to the thunder of the rising tide and constant screech of sea-birds. It wasn't long before the sandy beach at Sunnyside Bay marked the start of an ascent to the cliff top path. A short walk above the cliffs brought us to Findlater Castle.

Our route back re-traced our steps as far as a finger-post passed earlier, a path climbed through a breach in the cliffs, the sign read Nelson's View and Cullen, this path we followed visiting the view-point before the path carried us along the edge of a caravan park to reach the village high above the harbour.

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Views over Cullen Harbour taking in Cullen Bay and Bow Fiddle Rock.

The dome like summit of the Bin of Cullen seen over the white-washed cottages of Seatown.

Looking to Logie Head from the beach at Muckle Hythe.

Across Cullen Bay, Bow Fiddle Rock.

Looking to the sea stacks on the western edge of Logie Head, a fisherman in a rather small boat gathers his crab pots.

Views across the bay at Portlong Hythe, on the far horizon Bow Fiddle Rock.

The path picks it's way through some spectacular rock scenery at Logie Head.

The beach at Sunnyside Bay, our route can clearly be seen running along the edge of the beach.

The rising tide at Logie Head.

Wonderful seascapes to the east, on the far horizon Redhythe Point, the near headland Crathie Head.

West Sands a beautiful unspoiled beach to the western end of Sunnyside Bay, here's where we turned our backs on the sea to make the ascent of the cliffs.

Somewhere amongst that labyrinth of cliff and gully is a castle.

Viewing West Sands a hidden gem on the Moray Coast.

Findlater Castle, not a lot left, if you're having trouble imagining what it may have looked like, take a look below.

Impressive or what, no wonder the Vikings didn't want to leave.

Findlater Castle with views over the Moray Firth.

From the cliff top path West Sands.

Wandering above these airy cliff tops it occured to me this was the only place in the whole walk where we were unable to here the many voices of the sea.

Crathie Point seen across Sunnyside Bay.

Views across Sunnyside Bay to a quite spectacular coast line, also a final look back to Findlater Castle before we disappear round the point.

Seen over Portlong Hythe, Logie Head....

....and again this time from Nelson's View.

Finally before descending to the harbour a shot from the edge of the village, Bow Fiddle Rock clearly visible over Cullen Bay.

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