Start. Findhorn (Beach car park).

Route. Findhorn - Ice House - Harbour - Slipways - Findhorn Beach - Dunes Road - B9011 - Findhorn Bay - Findhorn.

Notes. Historic Findhorn, we've been here before, we're here today because it's to bloody hot to walk anywhere. Situated on beautiful Findhorn Bay this village has a magnificent beach, delightful harbour and Ice House Heritage Centre, also home to the Findhorn Foundation a self sufficient eco-friendly community based on spiritual values founded in 1962.

We parked on the beach car park, headed over the dunes and crashed out on the beach, and that was supposed to be it. After an hour or so I got bored, I abandoned Sue and went for a short wander. From the car park I strolled back into the village, visited the Ice House before picking my way between housing onto the harbour, here I turned right. Passed the boat yard and slipways I wandered, round the narrow entrance to Findhorn Bay then down the stunning dune backed beach, passed Sue whom was melting in the heat to reach a row of anti tank blocks, large stone and concrete blocks laid to stop a German invasion force.

These wartime defences marked a change of direction, inland over the mettled surface of Dunes Road I walked, out of the wind the heat was unbearable. I soldiered on through low dunes and scrub. Dunes Road deposited me onto the main road back into the village, and the welcoming chill of the sea breeze. With Findhorn Bay to my left I wandered along the road, grabbed a swift half in the Kimberley Inn then picked my way through the village, slung my walking gear in the back of the car and crashed out on the beach only a hour and a half after setting out.

Just a short foot note, we visited Findhorn the evening of our arrival on the Moray coast, the cloud was breaking over the Moray Firth and the hills of Easter Ross, the light was stunning. Just for a change I've included some of those photos also, enjoy.

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Findhorn Ice House and Heritage Centre, the underground chamber was used to store ice, collected from local rivers and ponds throughout the long winter months, this ice would be used to keep salmon fresh on the long journey to London.

Looking to the Culbin Forest from the slipway at Findhorn.

The narrow entrance to Findhorn Bay backed by the Culbin Forest.

They tell me there's a colony of between 200 and 400 harbour and grey seals in Findhorn Bay, depending on the time of year, look for them on the spit of sand reaching out from the Culbin Forest.

The tide's in so I'm forced to walk on the shingle, when the tide's out this beach goes on forever.

Burghead Bay with Burghead on the far horizon, and this beach stretches the whole seven miles..

Sunlight on the Moray Firth.

Beach huts at Findhorn.

The evening sun paints the scene a wonderful golden hue.

Anti Tank Blocks, a few of many mark the spot I leave the coast and head down Dunes Road.

Wandering over the surface of Dunes Road, it's the hottest day on the Moray Coast for 25 years, and don't I know it.

On the edge of the B9011 enjoying views over Findhorn Bay.

Wonderful evening light, the pubs to my right and that's where we're heading.

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