Falls of Leny from Callander.

Start. Callander.

Route. Callander - Callander and Oban Railway (disused) - Kilmahog - Falls of Leny - Callander and Oban Railway (disused) - Kilmahog - Callander.

Notes. Today started with something completely different, as the Forth Valley was shrouded in mist we opted to pay homage to a Scottish hero, Sir William Wallace, a visit to the National Wallace Monument, a 220ft sandstone tower built in the Victorian Gothic style, it looks like something from Lord of the Rings. We climbed to the top to be gifted with views over a sea of cloud as far as Ben Lomond in the west, quite spectacular.

Later in persistent drizzle we wandered along the river bank at Callander, the climax of this walk The Falls of Leny, a narrow gorge cut by the river as it erupts into torrents of white water spewing over the rocks of the Highland Boundary Fault. In truth that was the highlight, the rest of our little excursion was quite boring, maybe things would be different with sunshine on our backs and the really big hills on view.

After following the river side path from Callander we joined the track bed of the disused Callander and Oban Railway, re-born as a cycle way come bridleway come foot-path, the tarmac surface then guided us through meadows containing the remains of a Roman Fort, above marshland passed Kilmahog then into mixed woodland. The falls were accessed by a muddy path, we soon found ourselves scrambling over slippery rock attempting to get a prime view of the Falls of Leny.

After scrambling down stream the narrow peaty path ushered us away from the river, through mixed lichen dressed woodland we wandered, the tarmac path we'd left always to our right, without warning the path we trod swung right re-joining our outward route. All that remained to re-trace our steps back to Callander.

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Rising through the murk the National Wallace Monument, a 220ft sandstone tower standing proud on the 363ft summit of Abbey Craig, overlooking the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The view that greeted us from the top, under cloud the valley of the Forth and Tieth with Ben Lomond just visible on the horizon.

Rather civilised, the River Tieth at Callander.

Hazy day reflections.

Viewing Callander Crags from the track bed of the Callander and Oban Railway.

Our guide for much of this wee excursion

Spectacular after heavy weather, the Falls of Leny.

The River Leny (Garbh Uisge) cuts a path through the Pass of Leny.

The River Leny seen from the bridge at Kilmahog.

Looking to Callander Crags over what I thought were ancient field boundaries, I later discovered they're the remains of a Roman Fort.

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