Falls of Acharn.

Start. Acharn.

Route. Acharn - Hermit's Cave - Upper Falls - Acharn.

Notes. Step out with us into a misty Perthshire morning, the clouds are lifting over the dark waters of Loch Tay, snow covered mountains slowly revealing themselves into the morning light. But we are heading for the lower, we're off to explore a deep cut wooded glen, a gem cut by the waters of the Acharn Burn. Highland Perthshire is a slice of Scotland we've only ever passed through en route to somewhere else, it was time to stop, slow down a little and explore Big Tree Country.

After parking in the small village of Acharn on the west side of the Acharn Burn we headed up hill a rough farm lane under foot, finger-posts promised this was the route to the Falls of Acharn. We ascended to a small cave, the Hermit's Cave, standing at the entrance our eyes adjusted to the gloom before entering. The cave is a Victorian folly, a portal to a world of falling water, a viewing platform gifts the lucky visitor with stunning views across the wooded gorge, taking centre stage the 80ft Falls of Acharn. We paused a while drinking in supreme views over the deep cut gorge, marveled at lichen dressed trees, moss covered boulders, sheer cliffs and the star of the show, after yesterdays rain a fearsome cataract.

Our senses in overload we passed back through the cave, ascended the lane to a path leading through young birch trees, said path terminated at the upper gorge viewing platform. There was something hypnotic about a Highland burn thundering over moss covered boulders in the cool shade of a tree lined ravine, once again we stood a while humbled by the scene. After re-tracing our steps to the track, it then guided us above the falls where a kissing gate allowed access to the opposite bank, the views from this side aren't so spectacular but that mattered not a jot, the descent was between ancient trees over a moss covered forest floor with the sun light illuminating our way.

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Seen from the parked car, under deep snow Ben Lawers.

Ascending into a misty morning, this stoney track under foot.

Through the mist Drummond Hill.

The scene to the west.

Looking over Loch Tay from near the Hermit's Cave.

The dark waters of Loch Tay reveal themselves to a Highland morning.

Misty views over the vast gorge cut by the Acharn Burn.

As seen from the Hermit's Cave the Falls of Acharn.

Yours truly at the entrance to the Hermit's Cave.

Magic views over Loch Tay.

Winter conditions on Ben Lawers.

In the cool shade of the upper gorge.

Young birch woods above the upper gorge, the path leads to the viewing platform, it can also be reached on the descent.

Looking to Kenmore in the shadow of Drummond Hill.

A glimpse of the Hermit's Cave.

Descending over a moss covered forest floor.

I know it's an awful picture, but I like it, lets call it Blinded by the Light.

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