Dun Ara Castle.

Start. Glengorm Coffee Shop.

Route. Glengorm Coffee Shop - Standing Stones - Bathing Pool - Dun Ara Castle - Glengorm Coffee Shop.

Notes. Sue decided we must visit Glengorm, to be more precise the Glengorm Coffee Shop for lunch, I must admit it's the best coffee shop I have ever had the pleasure to dine in, while we were in Glengorm why not take a stroll to Dun Ara Castle an ancient fort perched on a sea stack. Little is known about the castle, it is probably medieval, probably a stronghold of the MacKinnon's, nobody knows for sure, I do know little remains but from the sea stack you get a bloody good view.

From the coffee shop a way marked path leads north through the grounds of Glengorm Castle, we follow this passing the Castle, three impressive standing stones, a heard of fearsome looking highland cattle en route to the coast. On reaching the coast we visited the Bathing Pool, the tide was in I wouldn't fancy bathing in it, after half an hour relaxing by the sea we ascended the sea stack to be greeted by the pathetic remains of Dun Ara Castle, never mind the castle the views to the Isle of Skye were second to none, our route back followed the same path.

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Striding out through the Glengorm Estate, trouble was views like this kept stopping us in our tracks, across the Sound of Mull the Point of Ardnamurchan.

The gothic splendor of Glengorm Castle.

A stunning view over the Sound of Mull, Ardnamurchan backed by the blue/grey hills of Skye.

The Glengorm Standing Stones.

I've just had a Glengorm Beef burger for lunch made from fresh beef from cows reared on the Glengorm Estate, and jolly good it was, this fearsome looking fellow in the centre of the picture was doing an awful lot of snorting and head shaking, it was Sue who suggested he may sense I'd just eaten a slice of his kinn, never fear there was a wall between me and him.

Looking back to the gothic pile of Glengorm Castle.

The Bathing Pool allowed to fill with water at high tide, after the tide ebbs it leaves a circular swimming pool quite safe to bathe in.

The sea stack containing the remains of Dun Ara Castle.

Views across the Glengorm coast.

Seen from the Bathing Pool, across the horizon the Isle of Skye.

I'm on my way to explore Sorne Point while Sue gets the binoculars out in a vain attempt the find Dolphins and maybe the elusive Sea Otter. Having said that, later in the week we were honoured to see White Tailed Sea Eagles, three of them, male, female and one youngster.

The rocky shoreline at Sorne Point.

We're now at the remains of Dun Ara Castle with wonderful seascapes stretching out before us.

The hills of Skye seen from Dun Ara Castle.

Ardnamurachan seen across the Sound of Mull.

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