Dallam and Underlaid Wood from Milnthorpe.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Dallam Park - Beetham - Underlaid Wood - Fairy Steps - Cockshot Lane - Storth - Dallam Park - Milnthorpe.

Notes. Who could resist another lovely sunny day, there's jobs to do at home that can wait until the sky is grey. I decided on a short walk through Dallam Park, on leaving the park I'd follow my nose who knows where the paths may lead.

I parked in Milnthorpe entering Dallam Park via Old Bridge, once the main route to Arnside. On a way-marked path I crossed the park land soon reaching Beetham, by bridle-ways and field paths before an ancient coffin route through dense woodland deposited me above the Whin Scar Cliffs, from there I made my way south on a narrow cliff top path before reaching a finger-post directing me to Cockshot Lane. The lane marked the start of more woodland walking, on good paths I descended to Storth. A short walk between the white washed cottages and modern bungalows followed before a tarmac lane with finger-post promised this was the route to Milnthorpe. This was easy walking, passing a couple of huge restored industrial lime ovens before entering Dallam Park once more, walking along the banks of the River Bela I soon reached Old Bridge crossed earlier.

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The River Bela from Old Bridge.

Ascending through Dalam Park with views to Dallam Tower.

Further up the hill, Whitbarrow tilts into view.

Views over Beetham with Farleton Fell rising to the right.

From Underlaid Wood views back to Dallam Park.

The cottage passed en route.

Found next to the path at the cottage this tree with a scar running it's length, sometime in it's young life it's been struck by lightening.

The woodland above Whin Scar.

Strolling along the Coffin Route nearing Whin Scar.

The view from Whin Scar, Arnside Knott to the left, the Kent Estuary and Hampsfell above Grange.

En route to Cockshot Lane.

For at least the last hour I've been walking through beautiful coppiced woodland, not the idea of landscape prettifiers, the legacy of an industrial powerhouse, these massive lime kilns burned 24 hours a day, the huge quantity of lime produced was transported away by rail.

At the confluence of the Kent and Bela with a wonderful view over upper Morecambe Bay.

Sandside seen over Milnthorpe Sands.

From the banks of the Bela views to a distant Howgill Fells.

The river below Milnthorpe Bridge.

The shapely single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge.

Dallam Tower.

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