Cunswick and Scout Scars.

Start. Serpentine Wood car park.

Route. Serpentine Wood car park - Tram Heights - Kettlewell Crag - Kendal Golf Course - Cunswick Scar - Underbarrow Road - Scout Scar - Hodgson's Leap - Bradleyfield - Kendal Race Course - Brigsteer Road - Queens Road - Serpentine Wood car park.

Notes. Today saw me on the scars above the Lyth and Kent Valleys on a day that promised rain but in the end gifted me with sunshine, a day of ever changing light and timeless views, extending from Arnside in the south to the Lakeland Fells in the north, stunning panoramas over the Kent Valley from Kentmere, south through the Whinfell range to Benson Knott backed by the Howgill Fells, and under foot green paths over limestone scars, perfect walking.

My day starts at a small car park just off Queen's Road, this marks the start of the Tram Heights an old tram way (long gone) used to transport stone from the quarries under Kettlewell Crag. Following the old tram way now an excellent path I head for the said crag, just before the crag a good path on the left allows passage across Kendal Golf Course to meet a footbridge spanning the by-pass, from there it was a short easy ascent through fields to the summit of Cunswick Scar. Several paths meet here, I head south above the scar to reach and cross Underbarrow Road followed by the short ascent of Scout Scar, a quick stop at the Mushroom before continuing south to reach a dry stone wall and trig point, the wall was my handrail on the descent to Brigsteer Road, after crossing the Kendal Race Course I found myself with tarmac under foot on the short stroll back to the car.

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Seen across Kendal, Benson Knott.

On the approach to Kettlewell Crag looking to the Kentmere Valley, with the slopes of Potter Fell dropping in on the right.

A golden glow across the summit of Cunswick Scar.

Dappled light on the lower slopes of Potter Fell.

Viewing the Whinfell Ridge from near the summit of Cunswick Scar.

Sunburst over Kendal Fell.

The summit cairn, Cunswick Scar.

Views over Scar Wood, the unsightly radio mast marks the start of the Scout Scar ascent, it's also the site of the car park most people walk the scars from.

The view to the south, looking to the Scout Scar skyline.

Ascending Scout Scar with a wonderful view back to Cunswick Scar.

The beauty of Lyth Valley once washed by the sea, now the Damson Capital of Europe.

The stunning view from the plateau above the scars.

The Mushroom built in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of King George V.

Above Hodgson's Leap, named after Hodgson rode his horse over the edge, his ghost is said to still haunt the spot, I don't know about the horse though.

The trig point on Scout Scar, the wall marks the start of my descent.

Benson Knott backed by the rolling summits of the Howgill Fells.

Descending through the wild emptiness of the Scout Scar plateau looking to Helsington Barrows.

The striking view across the Kent Valley with The Helm rising to the right.

Kendal Fell as seen across Kendal Race Course with Serpentine Woods to the right.

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