Classic Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Ash Meadow - New Barns - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Heathwaite - Arnside Knott - Knott Lane - Red Hills Road - Arnside.

Notes. What an awful morning, wind, rain and hail backed by howling winds, the exposed side of the house was getting a real pounding. The nice people at the Met Office foretold of this onslaught, warning walkers to keep off exposed ground, and motorists to make essential journeys only. I sat in the house, bottom lip out watching rain spilling down the window, not a day for us mortal ramblers to be out and about, or was it. By mid morning the odd chink of sunlight was spilling onto the garden, creating some of the most beautiful pockets of light imaginable, in my mind things were looking up. I grabbed some walking gear, essential waterproofs and headed to the coast, Arnside greeted me with grey skies, driving rain and a high tide just about spilling onto the car park.

After consulting a wind swept, rather forlorn looking angler, who wasn't catching anything except a cold I deemed it safe to park, it was high water the tide was just starting to ebb. Down the estuary I wandered, passed Ash Meadow House to be stopped in my tracks, the path was swamped, awash with salt water, a number of walkers had turned back, not me. What is normally a hands in pockets stroll turned into a full on scramble, clinging to the low cliff face I edged my way forward water lapping at the soles of my boots, after three such scrambles I safely reached New Barns, with dry feet and a big ego.

Enough bravado for one day, I wandered through the caravan park instead of walking around Blackstone Point, emerging into sunlight on the cliff top path overlooking White Creek. On I wandered via Arnside Point and Park Point to access the shingle beach at Far Arnside, one of my favourite spots on this small limestone peninsula. Through the tiny hamlet of Far Arnside I strolled to be greeted by a finger post inviting me to Arnside Knott, with the weather improving I obliged, ascending Heathwaite to join the path that would guide me up Arnside Knott. After a short look around I descended to the north, not the path I'd usually take, this is the way the visitors come, it leads to the Knott car park, no procession today just a heard of nosy Banded Galloways busying themselves eating the available vegetation. Once in the car park I turned right, down Knott Lane I wandered, all that remained, to pick my way through the streets and narrow ginnels leading back to the coast.

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View taken down the estuary from near Ash Meadow House.

Next to the lifeboat station looking to the Kent Viaduct.

Normally a hands in pocket stroll, my first scramble of the day.

On the edge of Grubbins Wood looking north.

Another scramble, with this view for company, the safety of New Barns Bay backed by Frith Wood.

Looking to Meathop Fell from New Barns Bay.

Seen over the salt marsh at White Creek and the fast ebbing waters of upper Morecambe Bay, the dark bulk of Whitbarrow, with the Newton Fells to the left.

Above the sands of Morecambe Bay looking along the jagged edge where limestone meets the salt water of the Irish Sea.

A distant Humphrey Head seen from Park Point.

Striding out over a cliff top path, looking back to Grange-over-Sands.

The coast at Far Arnside.

Amazing views along the ragged edge where sea meets land and sylvan Arnside Park spills into Morecambe Bay.

The shingle beach at Far Arnside, at high tide one of my favourite spots on this small stretch of coast.

When sunlight burst through a rent in the cloud, the ever changing moods of Morecambe Bay.

Ascending Arnside Knott looking to Whitbarrow backed by the hills of South Lakeland.

Autumn's golden glow, views taken over Arnside Knott.

Above Arnside Knott's eastern facade watching heavy weather wash the landforms of Silverdale and Arnside, and to prove how wet it's been I'm looking down on the flooded fields of Arndale and Silverdale Moss.

Same view as above, this side of Arnside Knott is little visited but gifts the visitor with wonderful views in most conditions.

A wonderful panorama seen over Red Hills, the Kent Viaduct backed by a shadowed Whitbarrow backed by the hills of Lakeland.

Viewing White Creek and New Barns, across the water filled channel, rising above Grange-over-Sands Hampsfell with little Holme Island dipping it's toes in the waters of the bay.

Another amazing view from Arnside Knott, sylvan Meathop Fell, in shadow the Newton Fells, grey on the far horizon the Coniston massif.

Back on the coast and things are a bit drier than earlier, Meathop Fell across the Kent Channel.

Seen from near Ash Meadow House, Holme Island backed by Hampsfell.

Looking to the limestone cliffs of Whitbarrow.

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