Carsaig Arches the Isle of Mull.

Start. Carsaig Pier.

Route. Carsaig Pier - Aird Ghlas - Sgeir Bhuidhe - Nune's Cave - Aoineabh nan Gamhna - Uamh Liath - Malcolm's Point - Carsaig Arches - Malcolm's Point - Uamh Liath - Aoineabh nan Gamhna - Sgeir Bhuidhe - Aird Ghlas - Carsaig Pier.

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A sad looking Carsaig Pier, once used by lobster boats.

Seals welcome visitors to Carsaig Bay.

Looking back to Carsaig Pier as Sue tentatively crosses the slippery rocks in Carsaig Bay.

Views across the waters of Loch Buie.

The 1,000ft high cliffs of Beinn Chreagach fall to the shore of Carsaig Bay.

Carsaig Bay in the rain, it was to rain all day.

Looking to the cliffs of Sgurr Mhor.

Ferial Goats shelter under the rocks of Beinn Chreagach.

Look for a rock resembling a Sphinx Head, this marks the entrance to the Nuns Cave.

The Nuns Cave.

Etchings adorn the walls of the Nuns Cave dating back to the 6th century.

Crosses and Shamrocks carved by the Nuns of Iona between the 6th to the 9th century.

The Nuns Cave once washed by the sea now a haven for the local goat herds.

Sue in the shadow of one of many waterfalls that litter the Carsaig Coast.

Views back to Carsaig Bay.

The Carsaig Arches.

The first of the Carsaig Arches, unfortunately the cliff path was far to wet, slippery and exposed to chance the airy walk to the more impressive second arch.

Like the ends of the earth, the south coast of Mull.

The rising tide Carsaig Bay.

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