Bullers of Buchan.

Start. Bullers of Buchan car park.

Route. Bullers of Buchan car park - The Pot - Bullers of Buchan - North Haven - Longhaven Cliff Wildlife Reserve - North Haven - Bullers of Buchan - Bullers of Buchan car park.

Notes. This was a very short very spectacular walk passing above sea cliffs and natural arches, narrow paths guided us above churning seas, not for the faint hearted or the vertigo sufferer. Please don't be misled by the first two pictures, these were taken at Rattray Head, a stunning place loved by photographers, and you can see why. I included them to demonstrate how quick the weather can change in these parts. We left Rattray Head under blue sky, by the time we reached Bullers, well take a look.

From the Bullers car park we made straight for The Pot, a huge collapsed sea cave which has left a hole 100ft deep. It is said on stormy days when the sea roars in through the old cave entrance it is quite terrifying, I got that falling feeling just looking into it. From The Pot we carefully wandered along the cliff tops, sea mist rolling in muting the views somewhat, a short descent deposited us in North Haven a deep bay with a dramatic stack, we noticed a rusting winch, pulley support and granite bollard a reminder of this bays history, probably used by herring fishermen.

Back on the cliff top path we wandered past Whiteshin Farm to access Longhaven Cliffs Wildlife Reserve, after entering the reserve the path climbed, the summit of the hill completely vanished, it was like pea soup up there. The decision was made, with no views to be had we turned re-tracing our steps, wishing the damned mist would lift.

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Rattray Head lighthouse guarding Rattray Briggs since it's construction by Alan Stevenson in 1895.

Rattray Head, sea, sand, rolling dunes to the north and south, just me and Sue, the only people for miles, look it up on the web, what Rattray Head aficionados neglect to tell you is the state of the road to get there, my car was new I think it aged five years in the space of a couple of miles, but boy was it worth it.

Cottages passed en route to the Bullers of Buchan.

Approaching the Bullers of Buchan, the blue sky has gone to be replaced by a thick blanket of sea fret.

The dark depths of The Pot, viewed from the west....

....and again this time from the east, a couple of people give the scene a little perspective.

Above the Bullers looking to the point where land meets sea and mist rolls over the cliff tops.

Limited views over the North Sea cliffs at the Bullers of Buchan.

The stoney beach at North Haven.

I believe the far headland goes by the name of Arthur Fowlie.

Sea stacks and sea bird haunted cliffs, it may be misty but it's a stunning place.

Rusting winch once used to pull boats up onto the beach.

North Haven stacks, it's quite a humbling place this boulder strewn beach sandwiched between high cliffs.

The dramatic scene along the jagged edge where land meets sea.

Eerie views through swirling mist.

Another deep inlet, another limited view, it's time to call it a day.

A final look into the collapsed sea cave christened The Pot.

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