Bourblach Beach from Morar.

Start. Morar.

Route. Morar - A830 - Bourblach - Morar Bay - Bourblach Beach - Morar Bay - Bourblach - A830 - Morar.

Notes. A short walk because we had an hour or so to kill, a short walk to the fantastic silver sands on Bourblach Beach, a stunning location backed by low undulating heather clad hills, best of all it's not so easy to access as the rest of Morar's famed beaches, so it was ours to enjoy alone.

We parked at the cemetery on the outskirts of Morar, a short stroll over tarmac followed to reach a lit underpass, we emerged on the edge of Morar Bay, wandered down a lane to reach the tiny settlement that takes it's name from the beach. After crossing a wooden foot-bridge the path guided us above the shore line passed a modern caravan and a dilapidated black house, wooden boards aided our crossing of boggy ground before we stepped onto the first beach. On we walked skirting a large dune to reach the next beach. We continued to a jumble of large boulders and low cliffs guarding the mouth of Morar Bay, progress was impossible, after several unsuccessful attempts to breach the obstacles we re-traced our steps to a comfy perch on the edge of the beach and sat a while. Rest over we casually wandered back over the stunning sands, re-crossed the wooden bridge to re-trace our steps back under the main road to the patiently waiting car.

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Portal to one of Morar's many stunning beaches.

We emerged from the underpass into this view, Beinn an Achaidh Mhoir across Morar Bay.

South over Morar Bay.

Viewing Morar from the edge of Bourblach.

Where else in the country on a day like today would you find a beautiful beach like this deserted?

Seen over the turquoise waters of Morar Bay, the small scattered community of Morar.

Looking to the saw tooth skyline of Rum.

Just thought I'd take a picture while we were passing.

The sylvan slopes of Beinn an Achaidh Mhoir tumble to the white sands of Morar.

The other year whilst walking to the Point of Sleat on Skye, a storm fast bearing down on us, we peered across the Sound of Sleat to the main land, all we could see was white sand glowing like a beacon in the dark, these were the beaches of Morar, we decided there and then to pay them a visit.

The isle of Rum seen from the black rocks guarding the mouth of Morar Bay.

Wonderful silvery seascapes.

Druim Seangain and Beinn an Achaidh Mhoir on view across Morar Bay.

The silhouette of Eigg dominates the horizon.

Crystal clear water, wonderful white sands with a beautiful backdrop, the beaches of Morar.

Wandering along the shore line of the whispering sea.

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