Back O' Blencathra.

Start. Bowscale.

Route. Bowscale - Mosedale - Rake Trod - Carrock Fell - Miton Hill - High Pike - Great Lingy Hill - Iron Crag - Knott - Great Calva - Cumbria Way - Mosedale - Bowscale.

Notes. The hills behind Blencathra avoided by many hill walkers, accused of being boring, believe me when I say there's nothing boring about them, once you've found your way up there's miles of easy walking, striding out over springy turf, easy on the joints, what they lack in cliff and crag they abound in wonderful views and solitude.

My day started in Bowscale a small car park overlooks Bowscale Moss, I headed north along a tarmac road hunting for a route up Carrock Fell. On reaching Further Gill Sike an obvious path headed up the fell, I soon lost it in the bog and bracken, my only option to follow the gill into the coll, this was definitely the hardest part of the day, scrambling through thick bracken, over boulders, hopping from bank to bank hunting for the best possible line, eventually I came across the path I'd lost earlier.The hard part of the day over the rest of the climb was easy, my eyes firmly fixed on the Iron Age Fort that once stood proud on the summit of Carrock Fell.

Rising to the Northwest my next goal High Pike with its trig point, cairn and rather splendid seat. Striding out across spongey turf passing Round Knott before reaching Miton Hill, in no time at all I was cresting the summit of High Pike, onwards heading southwest across the summits of Lingy Hill and Iron Crag before navigating across the head waters of Thief Gills, stumbling over the peat hags on Miller Moss, not the best route, but from the cairn on Iron Crag it was the most direct route to Knott. A long descent followed before I was able to ascend Great Calva the last summit of the day and a good excuse for lunch. My descent to the east was made along a fence line, the path came and went but the descent over short cropped heather was easy, I soon found myself on the Cumbria Way, once a busy quarryman's track this bridleway guided my along the banks of the River Caldew, as the track swung east a tarmac lane begun, this I followed to Mosedale where I turned right to re-trace my steps to Bowscale.

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Carrock Fell rising above the small hamlet of Bowscale.

Ascending Rake Trod with unrestricted views over the Eden Valley.

A wonderful view to the Pennines.

Nearing the top of Rake Trod looking to Little and Great Mell Fells.

In the distance the highest point on the Pennine Way, Cross Fell.

Blencathra as seen above Bowscale Fell.

The small cairn on Pike with a not so small view.

On Carrock Fell with mouth-watering views to Central Lakeland, the long ridge of High Street seen over Great Mell Fell.

A shapely cairn marks the summit of Carrock Fell, have a walk around, the extensive remains of an Iron Age Hill Fort can easily be found, believed to have been built by the Celts, destroyed by the Romans.

Big skies and big views from the small cairn on the summit of Miton Hill.

High Pike a quite civilized summit.

The cairn above Iron Crag.

Seen over Miller Moss Great Langy Hill.

On the summit of Knott with fine views over Mungrisdale Common to Blencathra.

The summit Knott.

Nearing the summit of Great Calva with a view to the hills of Galloway.

On Great Calva looking to Carrock Fell.

A glimpse of Thirlmere between the cliffs of Lonscale Fell and Blease Fell.

The footbridge over Wiley Gill with views to the summit of Great Calva.

Lonscale Fell seen from the Cumbria Way.

Striding out through the valley of the River Caldew looking up the golden slopes of Cocklakes and Coomb Height.

The River Caldew.

This section of the valley was abound with picnicers and bathers, you can see why it's a beautiful place, I bided my time to eventually get this shot, Coomb Height above the Caldew.

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