Around Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Know End Point - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Crag Foot - Grisedale Wood - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Grisedale - Yealand Storrs - Yealand Hall Allotment - Hawes Water - Callan Hall - Waterslack - Eaves Wood - Middlebarrow Wood - Holgates - Far Arnside - Silverdale Cove - Silverdale.

Notes. I'm on the limestone fringe today, with storms forecast for early afternoon and Kirsten to drop off at work this morning I,d decided to concentrate my efforts on the coast, woodland and pastures surrounding Silverdale.

I parked on Shore Road near The Silverdale Hotel, a short walk down hill saw me on the coast heading south to round Know End Point, here I joined the cliff path, a high airy traverse before dropping back to the beach at Jack Scout Cove, a stile lead out of the cove into woodland, a sign nailed to the second tree let me know in no uncertain terms I was trespassing, never fear behind the first tree a faint path climbs the cliff, this is the Jacks Rake of the Silverdale Coast, this steep exciting scramble deposited me on Jack Scout just below the Giants Seat, a perfect place to stop and soak up the atmosphere. Several paths dissect Jack Scout I followed one heading south to the tarmac lane leading to Jenny Brown's Point, round the point passing the Brown's Houses and Smelt Mill Chimney before reaching the embankment leading to Crag Foot. At Crag Foot a fingerpost invited me to walk the Coach Road, ascending through woodland and pastoral land over several stiles I eventually emerged on Peter Lane, left along the road pass the entrance to Leighton Hall before a fingerpost directed me to Summer House Hill View Point, from the view point the views over Leighton Park are quite spectacular. I sat down for several minutes before making my descent to the right of Leighton Hall, down the tarmac lane to be greeted by another fingerpost reading Yealand Storrs, after crossing several fields I emerged at Yealand Storrs. Down the hill at a road junction a gate and stile allowed access to Yealand Hall Allotment, I entered, a short stroll through the woods and I was in the fields above Gate Barrows, I followed the field path down hill to enter the woods hiding Hawes Water, counter clockwise round Hawes Water entering the fields from the short climb to Ford Lane. The path passed behind Challan Hall before turning right to cross Ford Lane followed by a shot descent to Waterslack, after crossing the railway line I entered Eaves Wood always a delightful place to walk,. My next port of call the Pepper Pot, wandering through Eaves Wood I eventually scrambled onto the limestone escarpment known as King Williams Hill, home to the Pepper and spectacular views. At the north west corner of Eaves Wood a stile allows access to Holgates Holiday Park, I made my way through the holiday park to enter fields on a path leading to Far Arnside, on leaving the fields I turned left, a short walk over tarmac lead to the coast. Behind an armco barrier a path lead to a pebble beach, nearly at journeys end all that remained was the short walk over pebbles round the point to Silverdale Cove, on reaching the cove I made the short ascent of Red Rake which allowed access to yet more field walking, I exited onto Shore Road as the first spots of rain began to fall, passed the Silverdale Hotel ignored the Bear Garden, the car was waiting fifty yards down the road.

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Arnside Park as viewed from Silverdale.

Silverdale Cove dwarfed by the presence of Arnside Knott.

On the wonderful cliff path en route to Jack Scout Cove.

Looking back across some of the many small coves and pebble beaches that adorn this section of coast line.

The Giants Seat on Jack Scout.

From Jack Scout on of the many views across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, looking to the embankment, when I first came here almost twenty years ago the embankment was completely uncovered, as you can see the sands are slowly claiming it back.

The Smelt Mill Chimney at Jenny Brown's Point.

Wild Garlic adorns the path through Moss House Wood, the smell was quite overpowering.

Seen over the wet lands of Leighton Moss Gait Barrows.

he path through Grisedale Woods.

On Summer House Hill with views over Leighton Hall.

Striding out through the pastures above Leighton Moss, looking to Trough Woods across the skyline.

This little critter almost got sat on.

Arnside Knott over Gait Barrows Nature Reserve.

Seen from Challan Hall, Hawes Water.

On King William's Hill with views over Silverdale.

Cockle pickers far out in the bay, the dark skies indicate it's time to head back to Silverdale.

Approaching Red Rake and Silverdale Cove.

The cave at Silverdale Cove.

On the final leg of my journey looking to Humphrey Head grey on a darkening horizon.

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