Aros Park from Tubermory.

Start. Tobermory.

Route. Tobermory - Aros Burn - Lochan a Ghurrabain - Aros Burn - Tobermory.

Notes. Aros Park to the south of Tobermory was an after dinner stroll, this fine park now owned by the Forestry Commission and run by the Friends of Aros Park is a wonderful place containing every kind of native tree imaginable, hard wood and pine, waterfalls, a loch and many animals including a small heard of Red Deer. Originally planted between 1825-26 the plant life is well established, it's a delightful place to wander through, the paths are way-marked including the one we followed from Tobermory.

From the main car park a clear path can be seen rising into woodland, a finger post pointed the way, "Coastal Path and Aros Park", this was our route, we were soon wandering through dense woodland with the odd stolen glimpse across Tobermory Bay, after crossing a new footbridge where the Aros Burn tumbles over the edge of a small cliff creating a fine waterfall we soon reached the main car park. After passing the toilet block we arrived at the most beautiful lochan I have ever seen, the surface carpeted with lilies both yellow and white, a perfect photo opportunity. We idly wandered around the loch before re-tracing our steps back to Tobermory.

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The Marina in Oberon Bay.

Looking to the brightly coloured buildings of Tobermory from the path to Aros Park.

Calve Island through a gap in the trees.

Ben Hiant seen across Tobermory Bay.

The Aros Burn.

The lochan in Aros Park....

....a wonderful place to wander round....

....carpeted with lilies and used by many anglers.

Looking to the wooded west shore.

Views over the Tobermory Fish Farm.

A splendid wooden footbridge crossed where the Aros Burn tumbles into the sea, if you can get on it for Sue.

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