Arnside, Coast and Woodland.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Grubbins Wood - New Barns - Blackstone Point - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Silverdale Cove - Cove Road - Elmslack - Eaves Wood - Castlebarrow Hill - Pepper Pot - King Williams Hill - Middlebarrow Plane - Arnside Tower - Middlebarrow Wood - Hag Wood - Black Dyke Road - Arnside.

Notes. The remnants of last nights storm was still rattling around the Kent valley, thunder rumbled not very far away, lightning forked across a dark sky, not the dark of day break but the eerie hew of rain laden cloud. I got up, skulked around the house a while then decided a trip to the coast was called for, a short ramble out of Arnside.

Arnside never disappoints, as I stepped from the car the first rays of sunlight cut through the cloud cover, maybe the rain would hold off. From the prom I wandered down the estuary, passed Ash Meadow House and the old boatyard, along the edge of Grubbins Wood then round New Barns Bay. Morecambe Bay mud was soft and slimy after a night of heavy rain, far safer to walk around the edge of New Barns Bay than try to traverse it. Under the cliffs of Blackstone Point I wandered before crossing the sands at White Creek, I opted to stay on the sands, making a conscious decision to keep near the shore. Under the limestone cliffs at Arnside Point and Park Point I wandered before stopping for a brew on the edge of the shingle beach at Far Arnside.

The day had warmed, I sat quite a while drinking coffee and contemplating where next, Silverdale Cove came to mind, last time I tried to access the cove from here I wandered straight into some of Morecambe Bays infamous quicksand. Taking great care I picked my way along the coast, passed hidden coves, under water sculptured sea cliffs, passed a number of small caves. The beach at Silverdale Cove was slimy, smelly and slippery, I teetered into the cove, mind made up to visit an old friend the Pepper Pot.

With Morecambe Bay mud clinging to my boots, I dragged heavy legs up Cove Road, once on the main coast road (hardly main) I stepped onto a footpath leading through Elmslack, this way-marked trod guided me between exclusive properties depositing me at the entrance to Eaves Wood, way-marked paths then ushered me through mature woodland, over low limestone scars before depositing me on Castlebarrow Hill home to the Pepper Pot. I stopped for another brew, sat down and drank in stunning views over Morecambe Bay as far as Heysham and the hills of the Bowland Forest.

I sat until a couple of walking groups turned up, why do groups of people have to make so much noise? I left heading north-east to access a stile that allowed me to cross the boundary onto Middlebarrow Plane, with a delightful woodland path to guide me, a dry stone wall for company and loads of Butterflies to make up for being forced from Castlebarrow Hill. I descended over a number of limestone shelves to access the gaunt remains of Arnside Tower, I then descended the mound the tower adorns to accessed Middlebarrow Wood. Another woodland path then ushered me to the railway line where I turned left, exited the wood to start the short walk along the edge of cow pastures back to Arnside.

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An iconic view, the Kent Viaduct backed by Whitbarrow.

View taken over New Barns Bay to Frith Wood, with Grange over Sands across the estuary to the right.

Sunlight dances across the sea washed turf at New Barns Bay.

Looking north from Frith Wood, the Kent Viaduct backed by the scar of the Sandside Quarry.

Viewing Humphery Head from the remains of the short jetty at Blackstone Point.

Meathop Fell taken from the sands at White Creek.

Rising from the sands of Morecambe Bay the limestone cliffs at Park Point.

Stunning conditions along the Arnside/Silverdale coast.

Views along the jagged edge where sylvan Arnside Park meets the shifting sand of Morecambe Bay.

The many whitewashed buildings of Grange over Sands seen from Far Arnside.

It looks quite benign from the safety of the shingle at Far Arnside, but walk away from the shore it can be a very unfriendly place.

Sea sculptured cliffs to the south of Far Arnside.

Arnside Park seen from one of the many shingle beaches only accessible at low tide.

The vast expanse of Morecambe Bay as seen from the beach at Silverdale Cove.

The Pepper Pod adorns the limestone scar on Castlebarrow Hill.

Seen over the woodland and grassland of Silverdale, dark reaching across the horizon the Bowland Fells.

Arnside Tower the oldest building in the parish.

The final stretch, it's been fenced consequently it's overgrown and home to a multitude of horse fly's, bloody clegs and I was being eaten alive.

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