Arnside at High Tide.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Ash Meadow - Grubbins Wood - New Barns - New Barns Caravan Park - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Hollins Farm - Arnside Knott Wood - Knott Lane - Red Hills Road - Arnside.

Notes. I make no apologies for walking out of Arnside again today, we were awake most of last night as Storm Eleanor passed through. Strong winds were the dominating feature in the forecast for today, with a high tide due around mid day. What better place to witness nature at it's very best than the Arnside coast, on a normal day mundane and welcoming, on a day like today dramatic, exciting and sometimes darn right frightening.

On the drive down I spent much of the time avoiding debris left in the wake of last nights storm, the sea defences had been breached in a number of places. On arriving in Arnside I witnessed a number of cars being loaded onto transporters, it turned out these belonged to unlucky souls that left them parked on the promenade over night, such was the height of the tide, so much debris on the prom where most people park, I drove back to the Fighting Cocks and parked on the hill, as high as possible. With a higher tide predicted than last night, I noted it was already racing up the estuary at a frightening speed, two hours to high water I better get my skates on or this will be a very short outing.

With the fast rising water already lapping the path edges with some haste I headed down the estuary, passed Ash Meadow and the old boat yard, my way was clear until just before New Barns Bay, the rising tide forced me to ascend a low cliff, teeter along a couple of limestone ledges before stepping back down to safer ground. I rounded New Barns just as the beck that flows through the bay burst it's banks, I stood watching the bay flood, there was no going back now. It was pretty obvious I'd be unable to round the point to access Frith Wood and White Creek, so through New Barns Caravan Park I wandered, this way marked path deposited me on the coast above crashing waves amidst masses of sea spray, now all I had to do was walk this narrow trod to Far Arnside without getting washed into the sea.

The walk to Far Arnside was spectacular, exhilarating and even frightening in some places, I accessed the shingle beach at Far Arnside via a bramble patch, the path was awash with salt water. From the beach I left the coast ascending past holiday homes, through Far Arnside I wandered feeling a little deflated after the excitement of the past hour. Way marked paths then guided me through a field to Hollins Farm, then over the edge of Heathwaite to access the main trod cutting across the shoulder of Arnside Knott, I ignored the knott today. I wandered north, through Arnside Knott Wood, passed the knott car park then along the edge of Saul's Road, on reaching Knott Road I turned right, descended a dip in the road, when I emerged from said dip I left the road descending a narrow trod back to the coast, I emerged from behind the old boat yard hoping my route from here would be passable.

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The flooding tide at Arnside.

From the edge of New Barns views back to the old boat yard and the Coastguard Rescue Station.

Whitbarrow on a grey South Cumbria day.

The flooding tide at New Barns, looking to Meathop Fell backed by the Newton Fells.

Views from Arnside Point, Frith Wood across White Creek with sylvan Meathop Fell across the bay.

Wandering along the ragged edge where land meets sea.

Looking to Hampsfell above Grange-over-Sands.

On the cliff top path approaching Park Point.

The dark finger of Know End Point as seen from Park Point.

Splendid views along the coast to Far Arnside and Silverdale.

The view back along the path I've just traversed, Arnside Park meets the salt water of Morecambe Bay.

Grey on the horizon, the Lancashire coast.

The shingle beach at Far Arnside looking towards Silverdale.

About to turn my back on the coast, a final look to Know End Point.

Viewing Heathwaite from Far Arnside.

Views taken from the edge of Heathwaite, seen over Silverdale the hills of Bowland still washed by that heavy shower that's been hanging around since I rounded Park Point..

Looking south along the route I walked earlier, it will soon be passable again, the tide may flood fast but it also ebbs fast.

Whitbarrow Scar seen over the Kent Viaduct.

Arnside captures the early afternoon sun.

The Compensation Pier at Arnside with views to Grange-over-Sands.

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